Using YouTube Ukulele Videos

YouTube Ukulele videos can be great learning resources. Any instrument community tends to be rather tight knit and the ukulele community is no different. There are plenty of very good players out there who enjoy making videos so that beginners can learn the instrument more easily and so that they can get the most out of the Internet as a learning tool.

Example Of A YouTube Ukulele Video Lesson

For Beginners

For beginners, it's good to look for videos where the person making it made an effort to make their fingers very easy to see in the video. Make sure you pay attention to the ukulele videos that emphasize picking technique and fingering technique. Using these videos in your home is basically the equivalent of getting free lessons. Find a few you like and watch them over and over again. Sometimes, it's easier to listen to them on headphones so that you get the subtleties of what the instructor is doing with the instrument. A soprano ukulele is recommended for beginners.

For Intermediate Players

There are YouTube videos available that let you play along with an entire song. These are great ways to get your first jamming in. There's no pressure and, if you mess up, you can just start the video over again.

As a tip, however, try not starting all over again when you mess up. Part of being a musician is being able to recover and, when you consider that there are literally hundreds of individual notes in every song that you'll play, you'll soon start noticing that even very good players make their share of mistakes every time they pick up their instrument. What makes them good players is that they keep going and don't let the occasional sour note here and there mess up the flow of their song. Practice this with the YouTube Ukulele videos out there. A concert ukulele is recommended for intermediate players.

For Advanced Players

Advanced players have the paradoxical situation of knowing their stuff and, because of that, having more learning in front of them than any other level of player. These videos by very accomplished players are excellent for advanced players who want to expand their repertories. While learning basic techniques may not be a big concern for such players, there are other areas that are vital.

Very little popular music is written expressly for the ukulele. This means that a lot of the great players out there have to adapt the songs they want to cover for this instrument. By seeing how they do it, you can learn a lot about getting the most out of your knowledge of the instrument.

Take a look at the big names on YouTube. One of the greatest things about YouTube ukulele videos is that they let you see players who are actually from Hawaii play the instrument without paying for a plane ticket and setting up a meeting. This means that you can basically go back to the source and see how people play this instrument on the islands that made it famous. This resource is an excellent one that advanced players should take advantage of. A tenor ukulele is recommended for advanced players.

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