Previewing Ukulele Videos
on the Internet

You should check out a few of the various ukulele videos and other resources available on the Internet if you want to get a good idea of the different styles of ukuleles, their sounds, and how difficult it might be to learn to play them. You may find they inspire you to a particular style of music, Hawaiian, Reggae, Rock, or it might make it evident that you like a soprano better than a tenor ukulele.

There are also instructional videos, but you will most likely have to pay to see a professional instructional video. It doesn't mean there aren't any free instructional videos on how to play the ukulele, but who knows who is really teaching. There is much information out on the Internet, but that doesn't make it good information. Check out the videos, but when it comes to learning from them, choose one that has a good reputation.

Where to Find Ukulele Videos

You can often find videos on sites that offer ukuleles for sale. You might find amateur videos on YouTube also. If you are interested in a particular performer, you can try to put their name in a search engine accompanied by the word "video" to see if you can locate some videos on that entertainer. Some of these will come in commercial products and may be copies of old variety shows like Arthur Godfrey's ukulele playing.

Picking Up Some Instructional Videos

If there are no instructors in your area, and you don't feel confident picking up the ukulele on your own, you can get some instructional videos to help you by ordering them online. They will be shipped right to your door. They aren't entirely necessary, but can make you feel like someone is there helping you learn the ukulele.

Many people pick up the ukulele on their own and don't even require instruction, but that's an individual choice. If you really want some instruction there are videos out there to help you learn how to play the ukulele.

There are basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of ukulele playing. You can pick up some quick songs this way and it can also be fun just to watch the videos. Ukulele videos are interesting whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional. It helps you to see other people's styles and the different songs that you can play with your ukulele.

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