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This ukulele video lessons on Wipeout is one of the most fun songs you will learn to play on ukulele, and even though it might sound difficult at first, you will see that it is not too difficult at all. It just takes some practice. There are two parts or sections to wipeout – the picking and the chords. We will go over both of them here so you will be able to play the song and have it sounding fantastic in no time at all. First, let’s cover the picking.

Watch This Ukulele Video Lesson To Learn Wipeout

What Chords Do I Pick?

In the first part of the ukulele video lesson for Wipeout, we go over the different notes that you will have to pick. It is important to start out slowly so that you make sure you are hitting the right notes. Then, you can start to pick up speed until you get it going in time with the actual song.

For the picking portion, you will start out on the E string. Pick the string open, meaning without touching any of the frets. Then follow it up by placing your finger on the third fret of the E string, plucking, moving on to the fourth fret, plucking, and then moving on to the fifth fret. Pick the open string and then go back to the third fret and pick, followed by picking the fourth and the fifth fret. Pluck the fifth fret once again, then go back to the third fret, and then pick the open E string.

After you finish that pattern, you will move to the A string. Pick the string open to start, and then you can follow it up by holding down the third fret and picking, then the fourth fret and fifth fret. Go back to the third fret, then open, the pick the third fret again, followed by the fourth and then fifth fret, open A, and then back to the E string.

When you get back to the E string, you will start with an open E, then pick the third, fourth, and fifth fret. Go to the third fret, and then pick the open E. Go back to the A string, pick the third and then the fourth and fifth fret, then the third, and finally open A.


Once you finish with the picking, the lesson follows up with sliding. Slide the pointer finger on the E string to the fourth fret and have the pinky finger on the A string slide down to the seventh fret. Strum, and then slide your fingers down two more frets and strum.

It takes some time, but this lesson will have you playing this fun song in no time. Have fun.

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