Ukulele Video Lessons - Sea of Love

In this series of ukulele video lessons, I'll be teaching you how to play "Sea of Love". “Sea of Love” is a classic and beautiful song that everyone loves. It also happens to sound great on ukulele. In fact, one of the best parts about playing ukulele is learning a new song. It does not matter if it is the first song you learn or the thousand and first! Let’s learn the chords, strumming pattern, and intro to the song. The videos will help to make everything nice and clear for you. It’s an easy song to learn, and it is very fun to play. Best of all, it is instantly recognizable, so you might even have a bit of a sing-along going before you know it!

The Intro

The introduction to the song is relatively simple to play. It’s similar to picking a blues riff. With this intro, you will start with the E and A string. Put your ring finger on the third fret of the E string and slide it down to the seventh fret. Put your forefinger on the A string at the fifth fret. This chord shape will slide down two frets during the intro. This means your forefinger will slide up to the third fret and your ring finger will slide up to the fifth fret. For the last part of the intro, your forefinger will be on the A string on the second fret, and your ring finger on the E string’s third fret.

The picking pattern for the “Sea of Love” intro starts by picking the E string, then the A, E, and G strings three times. Then, pick the A and E strings simultaneously. During the next part of the riff, bar the third fret and then pluck the A and E string. Then hold a D7 chord.

The Chords & Progression

The chords for the song are not too difficult to play. Here, we’ll go over the different chords you need to play the song, and then the chord progression so you can play the song. Here are all seven of the chords you need for the song:

  • G, B7, Em, A7, C7, D7, Bm

If you do not know all of these chords yet, it is time to review the ukulele chord chard. You could even keep it open to check out the chords as you play if needed. Once you know those chords, it’s time to put them all in the right order. Here’s the basic chord progression for getting through Sea of Love:

  • G-B7-Em-A7-G-Em-C7-D7 then to G-C7-G-D7


  • G-B7-Em-A7-G-Em-C7-D7 then to G-C7-G-D7-C7-D7-C7-Bm-D7 (Repeat)

The Strumming Style

On your first down stroke in this strumming pattern, you will want to fan your fingers as you see in the video. It makes a great sound, and then you can get right into the simple strumming pattern for “Sea of Love”. The pattern goes:

  • Down, up, down, up, down then down up, down, up, down (repeat)

It is very simple to do, and once you have the rhythm of the song in your head, it feels very natural to keep to this pattern.

Rewind & Keep Going With This Ukulele Video Lessons: Sea of Love

This series of ukulele video lessons will go much more smoothly for you when you watch the videos a few times and then try to play along with them. The videos can help to show you the perfect techniques and the best way to get the strumming pattern down. They can help make that intro a breeze too.

“Sea of Love” is a fun song and you will have a great time learning it. The song is not too difficult, so it should not take you too long to get it into listenable shape!

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