Ukulele Video Lessons - Reggae Strumming

During this ukulele video lessons, I'll be teaching you Reggae Strumming. When you are doing a reggae strum, you will find that there are two ways that you can do it. There are single strums and there are double strums. The easiest chord that you can do in a reggae strum is the G chord, in my opinion.

Hold the G chord and strum. That is the first part of a single strum (down). The second part of a single strum is done by simply muffling the strings instead of holding the chord to the frets. When you do a double strum, you strum the chord twice (up and down) and mute the strings there after. Reggae strumming, both single and double, can be done in any chord that you chose simply by holding the chord and doing the strumming technique that is mentioned above.

Different people strum with different fingers. A lot of people use their pointer finger and their middle finger to strum, but it's important to note that you should use the fingers which you feel comfortable using. Strumming is a matter of taste and comfort when it comes to which fingers you want to use.

As it is with any other techniques that are used on a ukulele, reggae strumming takes practice to get the technique down right. It's a good idea to just start learning how to strum and getting that part down before you add any sound to it. See which fingers work for you and start using them so that your fingers get used to doing that. Then you can add the music and incorporate the chords into your strumming. Soon you will be reggae strumming with the best ukulele players available. Reggae strumming is something that is a lot of fun and something that you will find to be enjoyable.

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