Ukulele Video Lessons - Reggae Strumming

During this ukulele video lessons, I'll be teaching you Reggae Strumming. Thanks to the following lesson, reggae strumming will soon be a part of your ukulele arsenal! Reggae is a very fun, interesting, and island infused style of music that can make even the stodgiest person want to bob his head. Naturally, one of the most famous musicians in this genre was Bob Marley. However, he’s just one of many great reggae musicians. Take some time to get to go deeper into the music so you can learn about some of the other greats. For now though, let’s move on to the strumming.

Watch This Ukulele Video Lesson on Reggae Strumming

When you watch this lesson, you will find that there are actually two different ways that you can do the strum. You can use single or double strums. For demonstration purposes, you'll be using the G chord. It is a very simple chord and you will find that it actually sounds quite good when you use it along with the reggae strum.

This part of the lesson for reggae strumming is simple enough. Start off by holding the G chord, and then strum downwards. That’s the first part of the single strum. Next, you will muffle the sound of the strings rather than holding the chord when you strum upwards. This is the second part of the single strum.

When you are doing a double strum, you will strum the chord twice, up and down, normally. Then you will mute the strings for the next two strums. While we are starting you out with the G chord, you will find that you can actually use any chord for this pattern, and it will sound quite good.

Strumming in different patterns does take some time to get used to, but you will become proficient at this faster than you might think. When you strum, it is important that you use the fingers you are most comfortable with. Many people use their pointer finger and middle finger, but you don’t have to feel locked into that. Choose what feels right, and you’ll see that the strumming sounds and feels a lot better.

It does take some practice and some patience, but before too long, you will find that your style improves. You will be able to add more chords and play full songs. It’s an enjoyable style of strumming, and it really does have a nice sound to it. Have a great time.

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