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With this ukulele video lessons for “Lady in Red”, you will be able to learn this classic and fun to play song in no time at all. In the 1980s, this was a very popular song by Chris De Burgh, but you will find that time has not diminished it in any way. Those who were growing up in the 80s remember it fondly, and those who are just discovering it now find that it is still just as good as much of the music coming out today. When you first listen to the song, you might be wondering how on earth you could play it on ukulele. No need to fret, players! It’s possible, and it sounds absolutely fantastic. Get ready to learn some retro 80's music!

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While you watch this lesson, you will find that it is actually not as hard as you might think. The song has a relatively long chord progression though, and this can certainly seem daunting to those who want to learn it. Fortunately, the progression features mostly some very basic chords, so even those who are just beginning with the ukulele should be able to master it after some practice. One of the things to keep in mind about the song is that it is a soft song, which means that you will want to keep your strumming pattern relatively soft to match the style.

You will be able to learn the introduction to the song in seconds flat. After all, it is only a single chord, G, which you will play in the second position for four measures. To give the intro a bit more style, feel free to use a hammer on with the A string using your second finger. The basic chords that you will use include G, D, E minor, and C, although there are some variations to them through the song. The progression for the refrain is C, A minor, D, E minor, D, and D7.  There is also a final transition that includes C, B7, E, A7, Am, and D. As you progress through the song, the progressions do get a bit complicated, and it is easy to feel frustrated when you first start playing. Have fun!

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