Ukulele Video Lessons - Is This Love

With these ukulele video lessons, I'll be teaching you how to play this famous Bob Marley tune, Is This Love. This is a fun song to jam, either by yourself, or with friends!! You can also find the lyrics here.

Is This Love Intro Part 1

During the first part of the picking in this series of ukulele video lessons, you are going to start on the E string on the third fret. Then you will hold down on the second fret on the C string, first fret on the E string, third fret on the E string, first fret on the A string, thrid fret on the E string, second fret on the C string, first fret on the E string and the third fret on the E string.

The second part of the picking in the ukulele video lessons, you're going to do some slides. Start from the second fret, holding down the bottom two strings, in the chord shape of G and hit or pick the strings at the same time. Slide the chord shape up to the fifth fret, which should end up on the fifth fret on the A string and sixth fret on the E string.

Is This Love Intro Part 2

During the second series of these video lessons, you'll start out with the sliding. After this is completed, you want to pick or hit the G chord shape on the fifth fret. For the picking, you'll start with the sixth fret on the E string, sixth fret on the A string, fifth fret on the A string, sixth fret on the E string and repeat the same thing one more time for the picking part.

After that's completed, you're going to repeat the whole entire picking from Part 1. Watch the ending of Part 2, for another technique to add to this riff.

Learn How To Play "Is This Love" By Watching This Ukulele Video Lesson

“Is this Love?” is probably one of the best known of Bob Marley’s songs. It is a complex song and, like many reggae songs, it tends to concentrate on minor chords more often than not. It also uses a one- and two-beat reggae strum, which also provides one of the rhythmic compasses of the song for the band on the whole. Start by listening to the song a few times to get the idea of where the verses and refrains are played and pay particular attention to the descending bridge part of the song.

Is this Love starts out with a chord progression that is entirely minor. The song can be thought of as being in the key of G minor, though there is no proper Western key that fits this song conveniently. It should flow naturally from chord to chord, however, and the full progression is G minor, C minor, and D minor. The vocals and the chord progression take on a mournful and introspective quality from this use of minor chords.

The refrain is a very simple progression, going back and forth from D minor to C minor. The strumming is entirely down-stroke one-beat reggae strumming through the verse and refrain, so don’t be afraid to improvise a bit. There are two significant breakdowns in this song. The first ascends up the neck. Play a C minor by barring the 3rd fret, move the same chord to the 5th to get a D minor, play a Bb minor on the 6th fret and then the 8th and then bar the E and A strings on the 13th fret. There is a pull off here where your E-string will be fretted on the 12th fret, which may take some work to do well.

There is a downward version of this progression that is used for the breakdown of the song, as well. This is the part of the song where Bob sings “I wanna know...”. To master this song, you’ll have to get used to the transition in fingering at the 12th and 13th frets and to both the double and single reggae strums, which should be easy if you follow along with the ukulele video lesson and the song so that you get the rhythm.

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