Ukulele Video Lessons - Hammers and Pull Offs Part 1

In this series on Ukulele Video Lessons: Hammers and Pull Offs 1, you will learn some fantastic techniques that can bring your playing to a brand new level and provide a bit more nuance and style to your music. Both of these techniques are quite simple, and they happen to be fun as well.

Watch This Ukulele Video Lesson on Hammers and Pull Offs Part 1

If you are doing a hammer in G, you will want to move your hand up to the seventh fret and make that your base. Place your middle finger on the eight fret and your ring finger on the tenth fret. For a full understanding of how these work, make sure you watch the lesson.

If you are learning one of these techniques, it is important that you do it in a single fluid motion to get the sound right. This is true whether you are doing it with a single note that you are picking, or if you are adding a hammer or pull off to a chord. This aspect can take some practice in order to get it to sound just right. However, once you are able to grasp the technique that you will see in lesson, you will be able to use it whenever you want and with any chord, you might want.

As you practice, you will become much faster and better at these techniques. It’s fun and sounds nice as well, and you might be tempted to add the hammers and pull offs to all of your playing and practicing. While that might be fun, you have to remember that these are merely some techniques that you can use to embellish your songs. You still need to practice with regular picking and chords, and you should only use these when you are certain that it will actually add to the song that you are playing.

You’ve probably heard these plenty of times when you’ve listened to music that contains a ukulele, or a guitar for that matter. They are popular, they can add quite a bit to a song, and they are fun to listen to. Just remember that it takes time to perfect them. You will want to add these into your practice schedule each day. Take some time to watch, or re-watch the lesson so you can be sure that you get this technique perfectly.

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