Ukulele Video Lessons - Finger Picking Techniques

During this ukulele video lessons, I'll be teaching you finger picking techniques. Finger picking techniques are some of the most important things to learn when you start progressing as a ukulele player. Learning all the different chords is important, but once you start feeling a bit more comfortable, you want to start adding picking into your play style. For many, this is difficult in the beginning. They just can’t get that rich and full sound they want it to have. As with just about everything in life – and certainly everything when it comes to the ukulele – practice will make perfect. With the finger picking techniques that follow, you will learn how to get that great sound you crave and that your music needs.

Let’s go over two different techniques. These will start you off nicely as you begin getting better and better at picking. As you start to learn more about picking, you may even develop your own style. Once you practice enough, you can start to combine these techniques into different chords. You can change the speed and the style to get the sound that you want.

The Strings

Knowing the names of the strings is important for the rest of the lesson. Just in case you’ve forgotten, the strings on a ukulele with normal, or standard, tuning are GCEA. G is at the top and is the thickest string, followed by C, E, and then A, which is the thinnest string.

Finger Picking Techniques In This Ukulele Video Lesson

Technique #1

In this first technique of this ukulele video lessons, you will start by picking the A string with your middle finger, followed by the E string with your forefinger, and then your G string with your thumb. When you first start, it is slow going, and you might not get that full sound that you want right away. It’s important to concentrate and move very slowly from one string to another. Focus on getting the sound that you want and developing your technique. The speed will come.

Technique #2

The second technique is to pick the C string with the thumb, and then pick the E string with your forefinger. Follow by plucking the G with your thumb, and then pick the A with the middle finger. Once you start to get up some speed with this technique, you will see that is sounds great, and it really is not too hard to do.

In The Beginning

Yes, in the beginning, these finger picking techniques can be difficult. It takes time for your fingers to learn how to do these movements with any dexterity. Your fingers also need to gain more endurance. Just start slowly and build speed as you gain confidence and skill. You need to practice this just as you would need to practice any other ukulele techniques. You can eventually alternate strings once you gain some control and speed. Keep on keeping and practice with these ukulele video lessons.

After Some Practice

Once you put in the practice – daily if you can – you will see that the speed and the confidence comes quite quickly. You will soon be able to combine both of the techniques so you can have more control over your ukulele. When you can do that, it’s time to experiment and invent. These are just two finger picking techniques out there. You can find others and even come up with your own combinations. Practice picking with some chords. You can eventually come up with your own style that suits the way you like to play.

Finger picking looks and sounds difficult, but it is certainly something that’s feasible for you to do, and it does not take as long to learn as you might think. Grab your ukulele and practice as much as you can. The results of daily practice will surprise you!

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