Ukulele Video Lessons - Chord Progression In "G"

Chord progression in “G” is the focus of this ukulele video lessons. This great sounding chord progression should not be too difficult to learn.

Learning your chords is both fun and essential. The chords are what make up all of the songs that you eventually want to learn to play. Learning the chords and their progressions will help you learn more about how to play, as well as how to choose the right chords and progressions for different situations. By concentrating on the basics, such as the scales and chords, you can build your skills so that you can eventually learn and play all of the songs you love. You might even want to write your own ukulele songs!

In this lesson, we will learn two different options for the chord progression in “G”.

The Chord Progression

As mentioned, we will cover two different options for your G chord progression here. Learn these forward and backward, and they will serve you well whenever you are playing. Check these out:

  • You could start with G, move to Em, C and then D7
  • Or, you could start with G, move to Bm, C and finally D7

It’s a good idea to try out both of these options and to learn them both. You will love how they sound and how easy they are to learn. When you first start out with the progression, you will probably want to stick to a basic strumming pattern and rhythm. Once you start to feel more comfortable though, you can change things up a bit.

The Chord Progression In Use For This Ukulele Video Lesson

Your best option to make the chord progression in “G” sound as nice and smooth as possible is to learn and know the chords you are using. Of course, when you are first starting out, they can be difficult to memorize. You can use the ukulele chord chart to help you if needed.

We’ll also provide some handy information in case you don’t have the chart readily available. Let’s look at those chords:

  • G – This is an easy chord to learn. You will use a forefinger to press down on the C string’s second fret, while your middle finger presses down on the E string’ s third fret, and your ring finger presses the A string’s second fret.
  • Em – Here is a great chord. Use your forefinger to press the second fret of the A string, your middle finger to fret the third fret of the E string, and your ring finger to press the fourth fret of the C string.
  • C – This is one of the basic chords, and should be one of the first you learn. It is also very simple. Just press the third fret of the A string.
  • Bm – With this chord, you bar all of the strings on the second fret, and then use your ring finger to press the G string’s fourth fret.
  • D7 – To make the D7 chord, you will lay your forefinger across the GC and E string at the second fret. You will then take your middle finger or ring finger and press the third fret of the A string.

Chord Progression Is Simpler Than You Think

Chord progression in “G” might sound difficult when you hear it, and it might look difficult when you see a skilled player tear through it. However, with enough practice, and by learning your chords, you can perfect it too. You might take some time to get through the progression without fumbling, but it’s easier than you think. Keep on watching these ukulele video lessons and you will start sounding great before you know it.

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