Ukulele Video Lessons - Chord Progression In "F"

In this series of ukulele video lessons, you'll be learning the chord progression in "F". I will be teaching you how to move through the entire F progression with a variety of different chords. While chord progressions might not seem all that exciting, they can actually be fun to play. Beyond that, they are a great way for players to warm up and to become more familiar with chords and how they work with one another to make music. It is a good idea to grab your ukulele chord chart so you can be sure you know how to form all of the chords that you will need.

Ukulele Video Lesson On Chord Progression In "F"

Learning the progression is actually quite simple, as you will see when you watch the video lesson. Some people tend to worry that they will not be able to do the progressions, or that it won’t be something they need. They are wrong on both counts. If you are starting to play the ukulele, you will be able to learn the progression in no time. Also, without understanding the chord progressions, it can be nearly impossible to understand music. Once you know how they work, the way that music is made suddenly becomes much simpler.

With the ukulele video lesson on chord progression in F, we will look at the basic progression, which only requires a few chords. The first chord is F, naturally. You will follow this with a Dm, Bb, and C7. You will find that this is actually a common progression used in quite a few of the oldies songs that you know and love. You have a second way that you can play the progression as well, and it is a good idea to learn both. The second progression also starts with an F, and then moves on to a Bb, back to an F, and then to a C7. As you learn more, you can add things such as diminished and augmented chords to the progression for some more style.

Now that you’ve seen the video lesson, it should be clear that this is something that you will be able to master in relatively little time so long as you are willing to put in the practice. In fact, that’s the only way to get better at any aspect of playing the ukulele. Now, learn this progression and have some fun!

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