Ukulele Video Lessons - Chord Progression In "A"

In this series of ukulele video lessons on chord progression in A, you will be learning all about the different basic chords that you can play in A. You may find that it is actually helpful to use a ukulele chord chart when you are watching the videos, just in case you have any questions on how to make different chords. The chart can be a real help until you know them by heart.

Watch This Ukulele Video Lesson - Chord Progression In "A"

When some people hear the words “chord progression”, they panic. They think that it is going to be something that’s difficult to learn or that they will not enjoy it. Don’t worry about that at all! Learning chord progressions for the ukulele is actually quite easy, and it can be fun. It also helps you get a better grasp of all of your chords. Once you learn chord progressions, it actually becomes much easier to play full songs since you will have a better grasp of the how and why of music.

Of course, you won’t be perfect when you first start, but that’s okay. Watch the lesson, and you will find that with a bit of practice, you get it and that it becomes second nature. After you’ve learned to play your individual notes, this is the next step in learning the ukulele, so there’s no point in putting it off any longer. Like I said, it can actually be fun, and you will feel accomplished when you learn them.

The basic chord progression to start with is an A chord, and then move on to an F#m, D, and E7. Alternatively, you can play a progression that starts with A, goes to a D chord, back to an A chord, and then to E7. Watch the ukulele video lesson for chord progression in A to see it in action.

Chord progressions really are easy, and that should be some heartening news. However, just because they are easy, it does not mean that you should skip learning them. They need to be a part of your training and your practice if you hope to become a truly skilled player. Once you learn the progressions, you will see that learning other songs becomes much easier. After all, you have to learn how to walk before you can run. Take the time to watch the lesson and then start practicing.

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