Ukulele Video Lesson - You Can't Hurry Love (Phil Collins/Supremes)

A ukulele video lesson is a great choice for learning all types of songs, and it can make learning faster and easier. Most of the time when you think about ukulele music, your mind conjures up some fun, upbeat songs. They don’t all have to be that way, of course, but it’s usually where the mind wanders simply because they are so much fun to play. If you are looking for a new song to play, then this could be the song for you! “You Can’t Hurry Love” sounds great on the ukulele, and it’s definitely one you will want to learn.

Phil Collins Proved His Cover To Be As Popular As The Original

Keep in mind that this is not a Phil Collins original. The Supremes, one of the female super groups of the 1960s, were the first to record the song. Even that has its basis in a gospel song that has some similar lyrics. However, the version by Phil Collins, which is essentially the same as the one by The Supremes, is what you will be learning.

The Phil Collins cover, which was released in 1982, proved to be as popular as the original. It came from his second album called Hello, I Must Be Going!. The song went all the way to the top spot on the UK Singles Chart, and went to number 10 in the US. In his version, he did make some slight changes to the lyrics, so when you are playing and singing, you can choose which ones you would like to use.

A number of other people covered the song as well including the Dixie Chicks, The Stray Cats, and even the actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Still, when most people think of “You Can’t Hurry Love”, they think about either The Supremes or Phil Collins. If you haven’t heard the song in a while, go back and give it a listen. Both the original and the version by Collins sound just as good today as they did when they were released.

Like it says in the song, you can’t hurry love … you also can’t hurry learning to play the song on the ukulele. It’s not too difficult, as long as you have the basics of playing down. However, you do not want to rush through the ukulele video lesson. Take your time, learn the song little by little, and then you will be able to play the entire thing and have it sound seamless and great.

Is This Ukulele Video Lesson Hard To Learn?

Why should you take the time to learn this song? Well, it’s a great song. It flows well, and even when you are listening to the original versions, you can probably imagine how it might sound with your ukulele. It’s a popular song as well, which means that it is something that people will like to hear, and most will instantly recognize it. If you are playing for your own pleasure, and you like to see other peoples’ reactions when you bust out a classic tune on the uke, then you need to learn this song!

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