Ukulele Video Lesson - Theres No Place Like Home For The Holidays (Perry Como)

It’s time for the 2016 Christmas ukulele video lesson! This years lesson is "There’s No Place Like Home for The Holidays", by Perry Como. 

The Legendary Crooner...

Perry Como had a musical career lasting over six decades. Como was reassured by his father that he should join Freddy Carlone as a singer in 1932. He was such a good singer, and had such devilishly good looks, that it didn’t take him too long to branch out into films and television. He began working in films with 20th Century Fox in 1943, starring in the movies Something For the Boys, March of Time, Doll Face, and If I’m Lucky, though he never enjoyed being in movies too much. He said that he felt uncomfortable playing other people because their personalities didn’t match his. 

Como moved from the large screen to the small screen when NBC decided to televise the Chesterfield Supper Club radio show that Como hosted. The very first televised version included Como’s then-eight-year-old son who was part of a choir. Como and his son’s choir sang Silent Night and it was such a hit that NBC continued to air a television version of the show for several months. 

Como continued to star on TV in a number of shows and he would stay in the studio until the day he died in 2001. He was the co-host of the radio show Weekend with Perry, which he did with John Knox. 

Como was a very prolific recording artist during his career. During his time as a recording artist he released 38 studio albums and 150 singles, along with several compilation albums. Como was so humble that he would refuse to have his records certified because he had so many records sell enough copies to be certified gold. It’s reported that Como sold millions of records but he would always downplay and suppress his recording figures. 

Como released many hit records between the 40s and the 70s. Not only did the man have an incredible voice that made him popular with generations of people, but he was also a great human being. He was respected and loved for the way he conducted his personal life as well as his professional one.

He earned many awards in his time, including a Grammy, five Emmys, a Christopher Award, a Peabody Award, and he was inducted into the Academy of Television Arts And Sciences Hall of Fame. He was also posthumously awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Long Island Music Hall of Fame. Como also has a record of three stars on the Hollywood Hall of Fame. He earned one for his work in radio, one for his work in television, and one for his work in music. 

Como died at his home on May 12, 2001. He passed quietly in his sleep and he was buried together with his wife in Riverside Memorial Park in Tequesta, Florida. 

Perhaps one of his most well-known songs is There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays and it’s this song that we have for you with our 2016 Christmas ukulele video lesson. While the sound certainly sounds like a Christmas song if you listen to the lyrics carefully it sounds more like a Thanksgiving song. Even so, it’s a perennially favorite Christmas song. 

While the song has been recorded by several people it is Como who has the most widely-recognised version. The music for the song was written by Robert Allen and the lyrics come from the genius mind of Al Stillman.

Como would actually record the song twice during his career as a singer. The first recording was released on November 16, 1954. It was released just in time for Christmas and is still popular today over six decades later. Como would re-record the song in 1959. This time he recorded the song in stereo and used a different musical arrangement. It was released as a single and reached a peak position of number 8 on the US charts. The second version has also been a part of many compilation albums and can still be heard almost every Christmas. Keep an ear out for it this Christmas! 

You might not have the voice of Perry Como, given that the man was a once-in-a-lifetime talent, but you can still play the song and sing it yourself on ukulele. That’s why we made this song our annual Christmas ukulele video lesson. If you’re someone who agrees with Perry Como that there really is no place like home for the holidays then watch our video tutorial and learn how to play it for yourself. I’ll guide you through the whole song and teach you how to play it from start to finish. Watch the video at your own pace and you’ll be serenading your family in no time. Bust out that ukulele and start singing this incredible Christmas song today! 

Chords used in this ukulele video lesson

The chords used in this ukulele video lesson is A, D, E7, F#m, and Bm. Strumming is easy as it gets. It's all down and up, repeat, repeat! Merry Christmas!

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