Ukulele Video Lesson - Sweet Love (Anita Baker)

Ukulele video lessons happen to be the best way to learn to play all of the songs that you love. If you are looking to build up your repertoire of fantastic songs, watching video lessons provides you with a handy resource for fast learning. You can learn many different types of songs, as well. Whether you want to play love songs, funny songs, classic songs, new songs, or anything else, these lessons can help. One of the songs you might want to start learning is “Sweet Love” by Anita Baker, an R&B singer gifted with a beautiful voice.

“Sweet Love” was released in August of 1986, and this was the second single to come from her second studio album, called Rapture. This was the first single of Baker’s to really hit it big. It went all the way up to number two on the Billboard R&B chart, and it hit the number three spot on the Billboard adult contemporary chart. In addition, it went up to number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1986. The song did not only do well in the United States, either. It also made it all the way up to number 13 in the UK. In Canada, it reached number 21 for two weeks.

This is a Grammy Award ukulele video lesson!

The song was not only popular with the masses, it was loved by the Grammy Awards, as well. During the 1987 ceremony, Baker and her two cowriters Gary Bias and Louis Johnson won a Grammy for Best R&B Song. In addition, the album that contained the song won for the Best Female R&B Vocal Performance.

Baker went on to perform the song on Saturday Night Live in 1987. In addition, many people who have fallen in love with the song later decided that they would like to cover it. In 1998, an R&B group called Elements of Life, or EOL, decided they would cover the song. Fierce, an R&B trio from Britain covered the song in 2000, and this time, it went all the way up to the number three spot in the United Kingdom. Even Beyoncé did a cover of the song in a medley along with “Dangerously in Love 2” and “Sweet Dreams”.

If you don’t think that you’ve heard this song before, go ahead and give it a listen. Once the music starts playing, it will probably sound familiar to you. By the chorus, most people are sure to have heard this song. If you already know and love this song, then you are probably excited to start learning how to play it on the ukulele. Get started by using ukulele video lessons.

If you have never tried to play R&B songs on the ukulele, it might surprise you just how great they can truly sound. The ukulele is a wonderful instrument that can do a lot more than some people give it credit. Take a few moments to listen to the song again and start to think about how the ukulele might work alongside it and what unique elements it might be able to bring out.

Then, it is time to check out the ukulele video lesson for “Sweet Love” so you can get started learning this amazing, classic song.

With all songs that you are learning, you will want to break them into manageable chunks. You can learn them a little bit at a time and then put them together. As you start to improve at the uke, you will find that learning this way can help you to put songs together very quickly.

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