Ukulele Video Lesson - Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond)

Learn how to play “Sweet Caroline”, with this weeks (2/24/16) ukulele video lesson. The song is one of the most well-known and iconic songs from master songwriter Neil Diamond, and it sounds wonderful when played on ukulele. Of course, when you listen to the song, it might seem a bit complicated because it changes pace quite a bit from the intro to the verse and the chorus. However, this actually translates remarkably well to ukulele.

The song is certainly a love song, but it has epic buildups as the verses fall away and lead into the chorus. Imagine just how fun it will be to play this song on ukulele, especially when you are singing along with it!

History of this Ukulele Video Lesson  

There is actually a lot of confusion and mixed stories when it comes to the origin of the song and who it is actually about. Diamond supposedly wrote the song for his second wife, who he married in 1969. Of course, he name was Marcia Murphy and not caroline. However, for the song to work, he needed to have a name with three syllables in it. He had written down the name Caroline, and decided to use that.

However, the story about the song changed over time. Many thought that it was about Caroline Kennedy, and he did eventually say that he took the idea for the name of the song from her name. Just a few years ago, he actually said that he did write the song about her after having seen a photo of her when she was a little girl.

The actual writing portion of the song came about very quickly according to Diamond. It “flowed” from his fingers as he sat in front of the piano. If only everyone had the ability to put out hit songs so easily!

The song was popular ever since it was first released, and it may have helped the name Caroline to rise in popularity over the past few decades. Many people have covered the song over the years, and Diamond says that his favorite cover of the song was actually from Frank Sinatra who did a big band version of it. The cast of the television show Glee also covered the song.

The song also happens to be very popular when it comes to karaoke. That’s because it is a fun song that is so easy to sing along with, and you will certainly feel that once you check out the ukulele video lesson for “Sweet Caroline”. Just try to play this song without singing along. The lyrics are infectious!

When you listen to the song, it might seem as though playing it on ukulele would be difficult, as there is a lot of “space” in the verses. That’s not the case though. You will find that the ukulele is a perfect instrument for a cover. Learning the song with a ukulele video lesson makes it easy to understand, and you will be playing in no time at all.

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