Ukulele Video Lesson -
Shape of You (Ed Sheeran)

It’s time to check out a ukulele video lesson so you can learn “Shape of You” by singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran. Over the course of the last few years, Sheeran has become one of the best known young songwriters working today, and he keeps pumping out hit after hit. His songs are great for many reasons. They are catchy, and they can speak to more than just the current generation. While he has quite a few hits, “Shape of You” might be one of the best ones to learn on ukulele.

Maybe you aren’t familiar with Sheeran, or maybe you simply haven’t heard this song in a while. Take some time to go and listen to it right now and pay attention to the beat and the rhythm while you listen. By the time that you finish the song, you should start to have a good idea of just why it could make such a fantastic song to learn on the ukulele. It might sound complicated, but you will find that it’s not too difficult to play on the uke.

A little history on this ukulele video lesson

The song has a tempo that makes it great for dancing and the make it a perfect choice for the ukulele. He wrote this song along with Johnny McDaid from Snow Patrol, as well as Steve Mac, a producer. The lyrics of the song tell a simple story that many people can relate to. It’s about a man who falls in love with a girl he meets at the bar. They wrote the entire song in a single day. Now, with a ukulele video lesson, you can learn the song that people around the world have come to love.

However, when they first started writing “Shape of You”, Sheeran did not think he would be the one who was going to sing it. Instead, they were working on a song for Rihanna. When they were partway through the song, they added references to Van Morrison and discovered that the overall shape and flow of the song might not work as well for Rihanna, so Sheeran decided to record the song instead.

It turned out to be a very good idea, as it is one of his most popular. In fact, it broke the record for streams through the Spotify service, with close to seven million streams in the first day of release. This is certainly impressive, and it shows you that many people today have not only heard of this song, but they love the song. This helps to make it a great choice for you to add to your list of ukulele songs.

Sheeran released another song at the same time, called “Castle on the Hill”. Both of these proved to be very popular, and they ended up in the top two spots on the UK singles chart. This had not been done before, and it is quite an impressive achievement.

When you use a ukulele video lesson to learn “Shape of You”, you will find that it is easier to learn than you might have initially thought. If you have used any video lessons in the past, you know the advantage that they can offer. They provide you with an easy way to learn, and you can keep going back to the different parts to make sure you are getting them just right. It’s easier than sheet music and even easier than in-person instruction. It is time that you made this song a permanent part of your song list.

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