Ukulele Video Lesson - Pretty Woman

A ukulele video lesson is a perfect way to learn how to play a variety of different songs, including “Oh, Pretty Woman”. It’s also a great way to hear the way the song should sound. In this article, we’ll learn the basics of how to play.

Learn How To Play Pretty Woman by Watching This Ukulele Video Lesson

One of the best singers and songwriters in recent memory is certainly Roy Orbison, the man who brought us many classics including “Blue Bayou”, “Only the Lonely”, and the song you are about to learn, “Oh, Pretty Woman”. This particular song is probably the most famous from Orbison’s catalog. Released in 1964, it spent three weeks at the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100. Now, let’s get into it.


The ukulele should have the standard G-C-E-A tuning for starters. Now let’s look at Riff 1 and 2, the intro to the song. You will play Riff 1 two times, and you will then play Riff 2 four times to complete the intro.

  • Riff 1 – To play Riff 1, you will start by playing the E string open (not placing a finger on any of the frets) twice. Follow this by fretting the E string on the fourth fret and plucking it one time, then fret the seventh fret on the E string and pluck it once. Then, move to the A string and place a finger on the fifth fret. Pluck and hold the note.
  • Riff 2 – Riff 2 is only slightly more complicated. Start out with the same open, open, fourth, seventh as with Riff 1. Then, when you fret the fifth fret on the A string, you will not hold the note. Instead, move from the fifth fret up to the ninth fret, pluck, move to the seventh fret, pluck, and then back to the fifth fret and pluck.

The intro is quite easy to learn, and it really is quite a bit of fun to play. I made the intro simpler by just strumming A and F#m twice.


To play the chords, you will need to know – A, F#m, D, E7, Dm, C, G, Am, and G7. The chords are all quite easy to learn, and once you start watching the lessons, you will see where they fall throughout the song. Listen to the song several times to make sure you understand the rhythm and the movement of the song, as well as to see the different ways that the riffs will come into play throughout the piece.

You can find a number of excellent ukulele video lessons online that showcase some great covers of this song on ukulele. Something that’s important to note though is that if you want to learn the Roy Orbison version of this song, stick to the lessons and covers that are for the original song. Over the years, a number of other artists, including Van Halen, have covered the song, and there’s quite a difference. You should also remember that different players may have their own unique versions of how to play the song, even if they are basing their cover and lesson off the original from Orbison.

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