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Paris (Chainsmokers)

With the help of a ukulele video lesson, you can learn songs faster and easier than you ever thought possible. This includes some fantastic songs such as “Paris” by The Chainsmokers, which is brand new and already getting a lot of positive reviews. It is an electro-pop song, a style of music that is very popular today. Even though you might not think that it immediately screams ukulele, you might be surprised at just how good it can really sound.

Since this is a new song, there’s a chance that you might not have heard it yet. Take the time to go and listen to the song a few times. When you first hear it, you might not immediately understand just how well it can work on the ukulele. As you listen, start to imagine some of the ways that you might be able to add the ukulele to the song. Once you start to imagine how it might sound, it is time to check out the ukulele video lesson for the song.

While you can sing this song solo without a problem, you might want to have someone else singing with you for the chorus, as they do in the actual song. It can be fun to have someone singing along with you. If they also play ukulele, you can take turns playing, or even play and sing the chorus and the outro together. You have plenty of options. One thing is certain though; this makes a fantastic song for the ukulele.

Some might still be worried since the song is clearly electro-pop. Do not let that dissuade you, though. Think of all the other songs that you play on the uke. They are not necessarily songs built for the ukulele. You take the rhythm, the melody, and the lyrics and learn to play it on the ukulele. It will still have the same heart of the original song, but it will have that unique ukulele flavor that you want. Because this song is getting so popular, it will be nice to have a song up your sleeve that can appeal to all these fans, as well as people who have never heard the song before.

A little history on this ukulele video lesson...

While the song might initially sound like a love song, it is a bit darker and more tragic. The song follows a couple that is living in a fantasy who think their life is great, even though their own lives, and the lives of those around them, are falling apart. It is essentially about daydreaming and not always living in the moment. When it was released, it was an immediate hit, and it continues to be a very popular song. It also happens to be one you will want to learn with a ukulele video lesson.

Although the title of the song is named after the French city, “Paris” in the song does not refer to the city. Rather, they tweeted that Paris in this context means “a sentimental yearning for a reality that isn’t genuine” and “an irrevocable condition for fantasy that evokes nostalgia or daydreams”. This is keeping in line with the overall theme of the song and the lyrics.

This is a fantastic song, and with a ukulele video lesson, you can learn how to play it on your favorite little instrument. You will be surprised at just how great it sounds on the ukulele. Do not be intimidated to try it. When you use the videos and go slow, you can learn any type of song quickly and easily. 

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