Ukulele Video Lesson - On and On

With a ukulele video lesson for "On and On" by Stephen Bishop, you will be playing this classic song in no time. If you aren't familiar with the song, then you are really missing out on a great soft rock hit from the 1970s. The song released on Bishop's 1976 album Careless.

Who is Stephen Bishop?

Stephen Bishop is an American singer and songwriter, as well as an actor, who had a number of different hits during his heyday. In addition to "On and On", you might recognize "It Might Be You" and "Save It for a Rainy Day". The San Diego native wanted to play guitar after seeing the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. He even started a band that played in a similar style to the Beatles called Weeds. This band didn't go anywhere, and he eventually moved to Los Angeles in the hopes that he would get a solo contract. It took a number of years, but eventually Art Garfunkel listened to one of his demos, recorded some of his songs, and helped Bishop to get a contract with ABC Records.

His Top Hits

It was on Bishop's first record, Careless, that "On and On" appeared. The song actually peaked at number 11 on the US Billboard Hot 100, and it became Bishop's top hit, and it remained on the list for 28 weeks. In Canada, the song reached the number six spot. The song proved to be so popular that it actually made its way into a number of films including How to Deal, The Hitcher, and Margot at the Wedding, Remarkable Power, and Anger Management. It's a bittersweet song about heartbreak and being cheated on and dealing with the aftermath.

You might think that a song like this came from personal experience, but Bishops says that he generally writes from titles. With this particular song, he came up with the idea while walking to a grocery store. His landlady at the time places exotic flowers around the house, and that's where he got the idea to mention Jamaica in the song. It's as simple as that.

About This Ukulele Video Lesson

Take the time to seek out "On and On" and give it a good listen before you get started with your lesson. Check out the recorded version and some live versions, and now imagine just how great it will sound on ukulele. It has that nice and smooth rhythm that tends to translate really well to the ukulele. You will also notice that the bass is very prominent in the recorded versions. However, when you start to play it on ukulele, you really don't miss the sound of the bass. It still works very well.

When you take your ukulele video lesson to learn "On and On" by Stephen Bishop, take your time. It's not an overly difficult song to learn, but some new players might find a few tricky parts. Learn one section at a time, like always, and you will be fine!

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