Ukulele Video Lesson - No Woman, No Cry (Bob Marley)

At the end of this ukulele video lesson, you'll be able to play and add to your repertoire, “No Woman No Cry” by Bob Marley. Marley is famous for reggae music, but it is undeniable that this type of island music pairs extremely well with the ukulele. The song is unquestionably one of his most famous and beloved. It is a very catchy song and it is easy to sing along to, which is likely one of the factors that has bolstered its popularity years.

Here's a little history about this ukulele video lesson...

“No Woman No Cry” was actually his first hit. It became a hit when it was released as a single from the album Live! The song was actually recorded in 1975 live at Lyceum in London. The tour proved to be very important to Marley and The Wailers, as it propelled them to more fame.

Interestingly, the original line of the song is actually “No, Woman, Nuh Cry,” as the word Nuh means don’t. When looking at the song from this point of view it can give it more meaning. The song is about telling someone not get down everything is going to be all right.

While Marley wrote the song, he gave a composer credit to Vincent “Tartar” Ford, who was one of his friends from Jamaica. Ford had helped Marley when Marley was extremely poor. Marley’s wife, Rita, was one of the three female backing vocals heard on the song. The two other singers were Judy Mowatt and Marcia Griffiths.

The song was one that helped to provide more opportunities for the band. However, not everybody in the Wailers was happy about the way the band was going. Both Peter Tosh and Bunnie Wailer decided to leave the band even before the release of the song. They did not like the way that Marley was receiving the top billing at all their concerts. Ukulele video lessons can help you get up to speed with the song very quickly, and you probably won’t have to worry about anybody leaving your band!

The bass player of The Wailers, Aston “Family Man” Barrett, said in a 2012 interview, “The song is about the strength in the mama of course, strength in the ladies. And we love a woman with a backbone. Something like a wishbone! They have to be like a she lion! Woman strong, you know, you know, not depending on the man. Of course, the man is there to help you, then for every successful man, there is a good woman.”

The song was also based on the compilation album Legend, which was released three years after Marley passed away. The album reached the number one spot in the UK and it remains a popular song to this day. It has been covered a number of different times, but it is hard to find covers that compare to the original. However, there have been quite a few good ones including a recording from the Brazilian singer Gilberto Gil, who put a bossa nova version of the song on his 1979 album Realce. Funnily enough, Gill eventually went on to become the Minister of Culture in Brazil.

The song sounds brilliant on ukulele. It has a good rhythm that is easy to get into, as well as very simple and memorable lyrics. Ukulele video lessons will help to make it easy to learn each part of the song individually so you can then put it all together.

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