Ukulele Video Lesson - My Life (Billy Joel)

Watch this ukulele video lesson so you can learn to play Billy Joel’s popular song “My Life.” Billy Joel is one of the most famous singer and songwriters of the modern era, and he has a litany of hits behind him. He knows how to craft songs that are catchy, poignant, and inspiring. “My Life” is one of the catchiest of them all.

The song starts with piano and bass performing some catchy riffs before the drums and other instruments kick into the mix. The song has quite a bit going on from an instrumental point of view, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make a good song on ukulele. In fact, it sounds fantastic when you play it on the uke.

If you haven’t heard the song in a while, or if you’ve never heard the song, do yourself a favor and listen now. You will quickly see how this catchy up-tempo song would work very well on your ukulele. While it is certainly one of the best known songs from Billy Joel, it’s not the one that people immediately think of when they think about the artist’s work.

However, as soon as you start to play that unmistakable opening, people will be pleasantly surprised. Even though you might have some other Billy Joel songs in your bag of songs, pulling out “My Life” is a nice change of pace.

Here's some ukulele video lesson history on this catchy tune!

If you grew up in the early 80s, or if you are a connoisseur of television from the era, then you might be familiar with a television show starring Peter Scolari and Tom Hanks called Bosom Buddy. The show’s opening theme song was “My Life”. However, due to legal reasons, it was not Joel singing the theme.

The chorus and the harmonies are going to get stuck in your head. Not only are they well written and designed to do just that, the harmonies in the song have some help from some other famous voices. Joel sings along with Donnie Dacus and Peter Cetera from Chicago, who are performing the backing vocals.

There is even a legend around the song that one of the verses is about the comedian Richard Lewis, who lived in the same area as Joel. You can probably even guess the line. It’s the one about moving to the West Coast and giving them a standup routine.

“My Life” was actually the seventh song from Billy Joel to make it into the Billboard Top 40. Now, it is time for you to watch a ukulele video lesson so you can learn to play it properly on the ukulele.

When you listen to the song, it can sound complex, and there are parts of it that can be tricky. Don’t let them discourage you thought. When you take your time and learn each of the pieces of the song and then build them up, you will see that it’s not as hard as you imagined. You can do it and it will sound great.

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