Ukulele Video Lesson - Mercy, Mercy Me (Ecology Song)

A ukulele video lesson is a fantastic way to learn new music to play on your ukulele. You can play all types of music and make it sound great on the uke, including this gem from Marvin Gaye.

Ukulele Video Lesson History on Mercy Mercy Me

Marvin Gaye is one of the most famous singers and songwriters in the world with an array of hit songs. You’ve probably heard countless Marvin Gaye songs over the course of your life including “That’s the Way Love Is”, “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You), and “Distant Lover”. One of his most famous songs is called “Mercy, Mercy Me (The Ecology Song), which many people may not even realize is about the environment.

Marvin Gaye was environmentally conscious before most of the rest of the world, as this song came out in 1971 on his album What’s Going On. The song was released as the second single off the album, and many thought that it would be hard to follow up on the success of the album’s title track. However, this song proved that even though Gaye was exploring different social issues, and his music wasn’t only about love, it was still excellent. In fact, the single hit number on on the R&B charts. It also charted on the Pop Chart and the Adult Contemporary chart. People loved it, and they still do today.

In 1991, Mowtown Records created a video for the song, which featured a number of celebrities such as Smokey Robinson, Wesley Snipes, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, and Big Daddy Kane.

The socially conscious song resonates today even more than it did when it was released, but that’s only part of the reason why it remains popular. It’s endured the years and has become a classic because it is a beautifully crafted song.

The song sold more than a million copies, and today, most people feel this is one of Gaye’s most iconic pieces. Nearly everyone has heard this song multiple times. It’s been featured in film and has been a staple of radio stations for decades. However, if you haven’t heard it recently, or if you’ve never listened to it since you became a musician, check it out again.

Learn to play it!

When you listen to it this time, think about how it might sound if you were to play it with the ukulele. Though it might not seem like a “uke song”, it sounds wonderful. In fact, you will find that you can make just about any song into a uke song!

When you learn this song, make sure you are using a ukulele video lesson to help you along. It’s not overly difficult to play, but you will find that the video can be instrumental (no pun intended) to making the song easier to understand and break down. Because it’s such a popular song, you will certainly want to learn all of the lyrics that go along with it as well. It sounds great when you sing and play this tune on your uke, and don’t be surprised when you have people join in and sing along with you.

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