Ukulele Video Lesson - Marvin Gaye (Charlie Puth featuring Meghan Trainor)

A ukulele video lesson is going to make it much easier for you to learn how to play “Marvin Gaye” by American singer Charlie Puth. This is a very fun song that has a very old-school soul and rock vibe with a bit of hip hop thrown in for good measure. This gives the song a sound that instantly makes it feel like a classic. Quite a few others have been creating music that takes this old school feel and updating it, including Meghan Trainor. Funnily enough, she sings on this song with Puth.

Here's some background...

“Marvin Gaye” marks the debut of Charlie Puth, and he says that he actually wrote the chorus of the tune on the day that he arrived in LA. He said that the chorus came to him when he was sitting in a coffee shop. Naturally, Puth says that he was a big fan of Marvin Gaye while he was growing up.

Even though this was Puth’s debut single, this was not his first trip to the number one spot in the UK. Puth had collaborated with Wiz Khalifa on a song called “See You Again”, which went to number one in the UK. In fact, he came up with the chorus for that song just a few days after moving to Los Angeles.

He was talking with Meghan Trainor at a party one evening about music, and she heard what he’d been working on for the song “Marvin Gaye”. It has a similarity to some of her own music, and she really liked the song and asked Puth if she could sing on it. He was thrilled and claims that they were able to record the song in a single take.

If you have heard this song before and know it, then you already know why it will work well on our favorite little instrument. If you haven’t heard the song, check it out now. You can find the video on YouTube, or you can listen to it on Spotify if you don’t want to buy the track right now.

You immediately get the feeling of classic music from the 50s and early 60s, as well as soul sounds that resonated in the 70s. The song has a fun spirit to it and a great sound that would have worked decades ago just as well as it works today. Everything about this song screams that it would be perfect on the ukulele, so why not make that a reality!

Learn with Ukulele Video Lessons

You can learn the song with ukulele video lessons relatively quickly. These lessons are simple to follow and you are able to learn at your own pace. Go back and forth in the videos until you are able to replicate the sound. Learn the song a little bit at a time. Once you learn a couple of parts, put them all together. Before you realize it, you will have a full song to add to your set list.

Now, since this is a duet, you might be wondering how you can sing it. Don’t fret; if you are playing alone, you can just sing the entire thing on your own if you like. It is fun to play and fun to sing. However, if you do have someone who can take the second part in the song, that will work well too.

Just beware; so many people today know and love this song that you are sure to have people hopping on and singing along with you when you start playing, even if you don’t them to!

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