Ukulele Video Lesson - Let Me Love You

If you’re looking for a reliable, and yet, easy ukulele video lesson of "Let Me Love You", you came to the right place!

This single was recorded by the French producer DJ Snake as the third single from his debut studio album. Justin Bieber was the chosen one to take on the lead vocals. Despite these facts, this song wasn’t written by any of them. DJ Snake did all the production to deliver an awesome song that is having tons of success.

This single is a chart topper in a lot of countries. In the US, the song debuted at number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100.

A little on DJ Snake

The professional music world industry is a new thing for French DJ and producer, DJ Snake. His first successful contribution was producing Lady Gaga’s album, "Born This Way". He got a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year in February, and rocketed his musical career dramatically. 

He collaborated with Kanye West, Major Lazer, Lil Jon, and many other artists.

Since then, all the songs he has created have been successful pieces. 

Now, after years and years of delivering successful singles and collaborations, DJ Snake is preparing for his first discography, "Encore".

Bieber Fever

The singer behind this song is Justin Bieber. Bieber found fame after being discovered on YouTube. He practically grew up in the eyes of the music world. From being a teenage heart throb, to being a controversial person who seemed to be always getting into trouble, he has turned out to be an accomplished artist.

2016 was another successful year for this ultra-famous Canadian singer. His first single released in 2016 was "Love Yourself", off of his album "Purpose". 

Bieber became the first male artist in almost a decade to have up to three #1's from an album. The last one that did it was Justin Timberlake in 2006.

The Bieber fever is still on, and people is still wanting more and more from this successful singer. He is easily among the 10 successful singers of this decade, and his certified triple platinum in the US speaks for itself.

Chords used in this ukulele video lesson

The composition of Let Me Love You is written in the key of Cm, with a tempo of around 100 beats per minute. The chords used in this ukulele video lesson is Cm, Eb, G#, E#m, and Bb.

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