Ukulele Video Lesson - Let It Be (Beatles)

A ukulele video lesson to learn how to play “Let It Be” by The Beatles” can make learning this classic much easier. Everyone loves The Beatles, and all have their favorite songs – just about all of which sound great when played on the ukulele, by the way. One of the most beloved Beatles songs has to be “Let It Be”, which is considered a “Paul” song.

The origin of this ukulele video lesson

Paul McCartney wrote the song, and it is actually based on his mother, who passed away when Paul was only 14 years old. That is where the reference “Mother Mary” comes from. Many people have misinterpreted the song and believed it to be a biblical reference.

The story goes that Paul had a dream one night when he was feeling particularly anxious and worried. In this dream, he saw his mother. At that point, she had been dead for a number of years. In the dream, she had come to him in times of trouble and speaking words of wisdom. The dream helped to put him at ease, and it was the genesis of the song.

Even Lennon felt that the song had religious undertones to it, and reportedly, he wasn’t thrilled about that. It turned out that the song was the title song of The Beatle’s last album.

The song that most people came to know had a “wall” of orchestral sound behind it, and that’s because it was produced by Phil Spector. While the Let It Be album is fantastic, McCartney and many others felt that it was heavily overproduced. In 2003, McCartney had the album remixed and released it without the Spector “wall of sound”. The album was titled Let It Be… Naked. When you learn “Let It Be” with a ukulele video lesson, this clear and clean sounding version is what you will be playing, and that’s just the way McCartney would have wanted it!

Interestingly, even though this was a Beatles song, they were not the first to release the song. In fact, it first appeared on Aretha Franklin’s album This Girl’s in Love With You. It was released about two months before the version from The Beatles, having come out in January of 1970. Franklin also had another cover on this album – “Eleanor Rigby.”

The Beatles’ song is one of the most enduring songs of all time, and it has been played, covered, and redone in a number of different places and ways. When it was played on Sesame Street, they changed the title and lyrics to “Letter B”, and it had to do with words that started with B. “Let It Be” was also the first Beatles song that was released in the Soviet Union. It was released there in 1972.

Paul McCartney and Billy Joel played the song together on stage at Shea Stadium, NY, on July 18, 2008, making it the last song at the last concert ever played at Shea. The song has been covered by Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys, John Legend, and many others over the years. It is one of those timeless songs that always holds meaning and that is always welcome to hear.

Now, you can learn how to play “Let It Be”, and it is easier than you might think. With a ukulele video lesson, you learn everything you need to know about playing the song on your favorite instrument. It’s a beautiful song and sounds great whether you are singing it and playing on your own or whether you have some friends and family join in and sing along with you.

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