Ukulele Video Lesson - Just The Way You Are

With a ukulele video lesson, you can learn to play some fantastic songs from all different genres. This includes love songs, such as “Just the Way You Are”. Billy Joel is a very talented songwriter with countless hits under his belt. Some of the most famous songs from Joel include “Uptown Girl”, “Piano Man”, and “New York State of Mind”. One of his most popular love songs is “Just the Way You Are”, and it sounds surprisingly wonderful when you learn to play it on ukulele.

A Little History Behind This Ukulele Video Lesson

Billy Joel wrote this song for his first wife as a means to show her how much he loved her. He wrote it for her birthday. However, the marriage did not work out. He wrote other songs for his future brides, but they didn’t work out either. He later joked that writing the songs was a curse for marriage.

Despite the marriage not working, the song has endured and has proven to be quite popular for generations of music lovers. In 1979, it actually won Grammy Awards for Record of the Year and Song of the Year. This was huge for Joel. At the time, his biggest hit was “Piano Man”, which peaked at 25 on the charts. Funnily enough, he almost didn’t put the song on the record The Stranger. He had thought that it was a too much of a ballad and that it didn’t fit. However, others convinced him to keep it on the record, and the rest is history.

It actually turned out to be popular with other artists as well, and there are a number of covers of it out now, including those from Barry White, Frank Sinatra, and Isaac Hayes. Paul McCartney even says it is a song he wishes he had written. It’s a classic, and it’s fun to play on ukulele.


If you want to play the song and have it offer a sound similar to the original, albeit in the inimitable uke style, you will need to have a number of different chords in your toolbox. You will need to know 21 different chords. The chords you need to know include: D, Bm, Em, Em7, D7, Gm, Am, A7sus4, F#m, A7, and Bb. These are a lot of chords to commit to memory.

Even though the song sounds simple to play, you will find that there are actually a number of chord changes in the song, at least the way that many people play it. By taking things slowly and moving one line and one verse at a time though, you will be able to get the sound and the rhythm of the song down. Take some time to watch ukulele video lessons of the song, and make sure that you know how the original goes. Try to follow with the sound of the original by simply using the chords and style of the uke, and you should be in good shape.

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