Ukulele Video Lesson - It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Another Christmas ukulele video lesson! Everyone has his or her favorite holiday song, and learning to play these songs could help make your Christmas a bit brighter and more fun for you and your family. Many holiday songs sound fantastic when interpreted on the instruments by ukulele masters, or even by novices!

One of the most popular and well known songs of the season is certainly “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, originally made famous by Andy Williams in 1963.

The First Release

Even though it is a holiday classic now, the song was not the promotional song released on The Andy Williams Christmas Album. The record label felt that they would do better if they released a well known song, since no one really knew “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”. They chose to release his cover of “White Christmas” to help with the promotion instead.

Why The Song Is Popular Now

When the song starts, everyone starts to smile and bob along with the music. Images of past holidays and those holidays yet to come fill your mind and everything seems right with the world. People love this song, and it regularly tops lists of the best and most memorable Christmas songs. What is it that makes this Christmas song popular though?

When Edward Pola and George Wyle wrote the song, they wanted to create a song that focused on all of the great things that the season offered, namely the closeness that gatherings of friends and relatives provided. The song lyrics mention going sledding, spending time with the kids, singing, sharing a kiss under the mistletoe, and even telling scary ghost stories. If you don’t think scary ghost stories are a part of Christmas, just look to A Christmas Carol!

By adding all of these elements into the song, it made it feel instantly familiar to those who heard it. Combine this with the catchy rhythm, and you have a recipe for a hit. Of course, the song would not be as popular as it is today without the help of Andy Williams. In an interview, Williams said that the song had been written by the show’s vocal director, Wyle, along with Pola, for the Christmas version of his show. He started doing it on all of his Christmas specials, and the song stuck.

The Andy Williams version is the most famous and the one you will hear on the radio most often. However, quite a few other popular artists have recorded it as well; Johnny Mathis, Amy Grant, Toni Braxton, Paul Anka, and even Gonzo of The Muppets have done renditions!

Is It Hard To Play This Ukulele Video Lesson?

If you are considering learning how to play “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, or any song for that matter, make sure that you have a ukulele chord finder available. By using the chord finder, it makes learning the song much easier, although it really is relatively easy to play so long as you have the basics down. It’s also helpful to listen to a few other renditions of the song so you can develop a strumming pattern that works well for it. The video lesson here is the ideal way to learn how to bring the spirit of Hawaii and the spirit of Christmas together in perfect unison.

Combine the lesson with your ukulele chord finder with your love of the holidays and learn this and other Christmas songs. Start learning now so that you can become a holiday ukulele master and entertain all of your friends and family at annual gatherings, or even at the company holiday party.

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