Ukulele Video Lesson -
I Feel It Coming
(The Weeknd/Daft Punk)

A ukulele video lesson is the ideal way to learn how to play “I Feel It Coming” by The Weeknd, featuring Daft Punk. This is a very popular song, and when you first hear it, you might not be able to understand just how the ukulele can sound when paired with this song. It does have a very poppy and electronic feel to it, and if you are only accustomed to other types of songs on the ukulele, it might be difficult to visualize.

However, you can rest assured that this song really does work quite well with the ukulele. It has some nice repetitive parts that help to make it easier to sing and to make your own when you are playing it on the ukulele.

The gist of the song is about a girl who has had some experiences in past relationships that have upset her. The singer in this love song wants to reassure the girl that he’s different and can make things better. There is no doubt that the song and the chorus are about the power of sex, and that helps to give the song some of its power and popularity.

Daft Punk, who cowrote the song with The Weeknd, sing on the song’s hook. The song has a classic feel from the moment that it starts, and it is no wonder that it became as popular as it has. They performed this song at the 2017 Grammy Awards to rave reviews. When you watch a ukulele video lesson for the song, you can add the song to your list and break it out to play whenever the mood strikes.

This ukulele video lesson is catchy!

It is a very catchy song, and you might find that you have some people singing along with you. Once you learn how to play it on ukulele, you will be able to make the song and the rhythm your own and give it the vibe that you want. Just make sure that you get the basics down and know how to play the song before you start to change things.

The best and simplest way to learn the song is one piece at a time. Even though this is an electronic song for the most part, you will find that it is easy to play and it sounds good on the ukulele. Just listen to the song a few times to get a good idea of how it sounds, and then start learning the song one bit at a time. Once you get the verse and the hook down, that’s really all there is to it.

Once you have the music down, you can then start to add in the singing if you would like. This is one of the parts of playing the uke that some people have trouble with, but let the chords and notes guide your voice. Once you learn the rhythm of the strum and the chords you need, you should find it easier to start singing along with the song. Take your time and make sure you are using a ukulele video lesson to help you with learning this song. The video makes things so much easier for you. It is possible to go back and forth and learn at your own pace. It is the ideal way to learn “I Feel It Coming” and any other song that you want to add to your repertoire no matter how difficult you might think it could be.

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