Ukulele Video Lesson -
How Far Ill Go
(Auli'i Cravalho/Moana)

A ukulele video lesson is the ideal way to add this wonderful song to your repertoire. It’s a popular song that anyone who enjoyed the Disney movie Moana is sure to know and love, and of course, it also has that fantastic island feel that you just know will make it a perfect song for the ukulele. If you haven’t seen the movie or heard the song, you will certainly want to go and listen to it now.

While the instruments in the start of the song seem sparse, imagine just how great this will sound with the ukulele backing it. After all, this is a song about Polynesia, so it only makes sense that you should learn how to play the song, which is sung in the movie by Auli’I Cravalho. This song does a good job of keeping every that you would expect from a Disney song – fun, adventure, and catchy lyrics.

This song was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of Hamilton. When sitting down to write the song, the composer joked about not wanting to think about the song “Let It Go” from Frozen. They wanted to create their own song that was perfect for the characters of Moana, and that’s just what they did. It’s a catchy and moving ballad with fun to sing lyrics. Once you see the film, and once you see the ukulele video lesson, you will see that it is relatively easy to play and it might just become one of your favorite songs to play.

If you enjoyed Moana, you'll enjoy this ukulele video lesson!

If you already love the movie, then you know just why this song is so great. However, if even if you aren’t a fan of the movie, take the time to listen to the song to get a feel for it. Even though you might not be able to imagine how the song will sound with your ukulele, it will be great. While the song in the movie is fantastic, if you want to get a better idea of how this will sound on the ukulele, and you want a different (and very lovely) take on the song, you will want to check out the version by Alessia Cara, which plays over the film’s end credits.

Who will love this song? Anyone who loves Disney is sure to have a soft spot in their heart for this song, and you are sure to have all the Moana fans on your side immediately. Kids and adults alike will love it. However, this is more than just a Disney song, it is a good song, and that means even those who are not familiar with the background of the song will enjoy what it has to offer. It’s catchy and it is just a good song all around.

Listen to both versions of the song and then check out the ukulele video lesson to have a better idea of just what you can expect from the song. You will find that it is easier than you might think, especially when you take the song piece by piece. This is the best way to learn songs on the ukulele or any instrument for that matter. Learn them one piece at a time and then you can put them together.

“How Far I’ll Go” is a fantastic song that you will most assuredly want to add to the songs you know how to play. Start learning how to play today and you will have this song under your belt before you know it.

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