Ukulele Video Lesson - Hey Soul Sister (Train)

Ukulele video lessons can help you learn to play many different types of songs including “Hey Soul Sister” by the band Train. This song is a natural for the ukulele. In fact, it even features ukulele! This was a major hit when it was released, and there is a very good chance that you heard the song quite a bit back in the day.

If you haven’t heard the song in a while, take some time to listen to it now. You can stream it or find it on YouTube. The uke is prominent throughout the song, and it sounds great. Even when you don’t have an entire backing band – most people don’t have a full band, naturally – it sounds perfect.

History behind this ukulele video lesson

The song was the first single from Train’s fifth album, called Save Me San Francisco. The lead singer of the band, Pat Monahan, says that he was in New York City and was running on very little sleep when he wrote “Hey Soul Sister” and “If It’s Love” both on the same day. The singer believes that he works best when he doesn’t sleep as much, and claims that songs come to him quickly when he’s in that frame of mind. We recommend that whether you are writing your own songs on ukulele or watching the ukulele video lesson, that you get plenty of sleep first!

One of the other interesting facts about the song is when he first wrote “Hey Soul Sister”, he didn’t think about using the ukulele. Instead, while he was working with a Norwegian song writing team known as Espionage, one of them picked up a ukulele and started playing. Monahan said that when he heard the ukulele, it made a world of difference in how the song sounded. He felt, “It made my words dance. It made sense. These words were meant to dance with ukulele and not guitar.”

Of course, this presented something of a challenge for Jimmy Stafford, the guitarist for Train. He knew how to play guitar, naturally, but he did not know how to play ukulele. When he first started playing, he used a pick and noticed that it did not sound right. He started looking up lessons, and saw that they didn’t use picks at all. Once he realized that he didn’t have to use a pick, he was finally able to get the right sound.

“Hey Soul Sister” proved to be a very popular song for Train. In fact, it was the second of their songs to hit the Hot 100 Top 10 list. The first song that did this for them was “Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)”, which was a hit for the band in 2000.

Monahan actually credits a large portion of the song's success to the ukulele. He feels that the ukulele makes people happy and that they often equate positivity to the ukulele. The song hit the number one spot in Argentina, Australia, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, and a number of other countries. It also was the most downloaded song in the history of Columbia Records. And in 2010, it was the top-selling song on iTunes.

Using a ukulele video lesson is one of the fastest and simplest ways to learn "Hey Soul Sister". When you are playing this or any other song on the ukulele, it is important to take the learning process slowly. This will ensure that you understand the different elements that go into making up the entire song. When you learn one bit of the song at a time, it is far easier than trying to memorize the entire thing. It will not take long for you to put the whole song together.

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