Ukulele Video Lesson - Heathens (Twenty One Pilots)

This ukulele video lesson will be teaching you how to play "Heathens", by Twenty One Pilots. The great thing about learning to play online is that you can do it at a time that suits you. Why put off learning to play the ukulele when you can do so around your current commitments. So many people wish they knew how to play a musical instrument, and with this step by step instructions, you will soon be playing your favorite songs like a pro! Either for your own satisfaction or to impress others. 

History of the Twenty One Pilots

If you don’t already know, Twenty One Pilots is an American duo that came together in 2009. There were originally three members consisting of Tyler Joseph, Nick Thomas, and Chris Salih, who has now left leaving the duo. The duo now consist of the lead vocalist and keyboard player, Tyler Joseph, with Josh Dun on the drums. After touring for many years, fame was bestowed on the duo in 2010. 

Two albums were released by Twenty One Pilots back in 2009, and then another in 2011, which led to their signing in 2012. The first label debut was Vessel, which was released back in 2013. It wasn’t until the fourth release of Blurryface in 2015, that they had their breakthrough with popular singles, Stressed Out and Ride. You can find Ride on the ukulele video lesson page. Heathens, was then recorded to accompany the popular film Suicide Squad. This brought the group notoriety being the only alternative artists to date to have managed to get two singles at the same time on the top 10 singles chart. 

The style of the Twenty One Pilots is a mixture of the piano/keyboard or keytar, a synthesizer, and drums. Tyler is the singer of the duo. He also plays the ukulele in concert and in their music videos. You can check out "Can't Help Falling In Love", on the ukulele video lesson page, where he remade this classic Elvis song. During that music video, it shows him playing the ukulele. 

It has been difficult for fans to be able to place the band into any type of genre, as they cover so many of them, but there has been a fan based genre added to cover, known as Schizophrenic Pop or Schizoid Pop. 

The logo has been questioned as to how it fits in with the name. The symbol actually means Twenty One Pilots, and is based on one of their songs called Kitchen Sink. It has been said by band members that it is likened to people struggling to find their purpose and place in life. Aimed towards children that have struggled with their place in the world, the logo is to signify encouragement because it means something to the members. Creation is key to them, whether through musical or other types of artistic expression.  It is to be of encouragement to continue even when you don’t know the meaning of your existence, as there are some things in life that only you have the key to open.

The band refers to their fans as the Skeleton Clique. The music that is created by the band is means to make its listeners, stop and think. Also it  encourages them to find their meaning in life, their talent, and the thing that makes them happy and unique. 

What's this ukulele video lesson about?

Although the word "Heathens", to many, may mean something bad, it can be depicted in a number of ways by different people. The first is that it can mean that people outside of a specific group may be seen as "Heathens". This can, in many cases, be a misunderstood word by people who don’t understand others, that do not conform to their way of thinking. 

During one part of the song, the singer says that he feels his friends are all "Heathens", but is not necessarily a bad thing. It could mean that their ability to step outside of the box and not conform. Which would still leave them with others that would understand their ways. It’s also a warning to new fans, that only followed them when their music became more popular. Who knows! It's all up for interpretation. 

Judgment, in general, is a big thing when it comes to the "Heathen’s" song. Many people who are not conforming with what is seen as the in thing, are often seen to be "Heathens", but Twenty One Pilots blatantly flaunt the message that judging others is wrong, and that others joining is a good thing. There are many assumptions as to what the song means and they can be depicted in different ways by different people. However, enjoying music your own way, whatever music that may be, or whenever you chose to follow a certain band or genre is something they encourage. Individuality is something each and every person has, and you could find your niche learning to play Heathens yourself, and find your own meaning! 

Chords Used

The chords used in this ukulele video lesson is Cmaj7, Am, E, Em, and B. Just 4 chords! Strumming is an all down stroke for the intro and a down and up stroke during the rest of the song. Have fun!

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