Ukulele Video Lesson - Eleanor Rigby (Beatles)

Ukulele video lessons make learning “Eleanor Rigby” by the Beatles nice and easy. It’s one of the most iconic songs from the band, and you probably know the lyrics by heart already, as so many people do. It’s easily one of their most popular and meaningful songs, and many people consider it to be their favorite. Of course, for most trying to pick a favorite song by The Beatles is like trying to pick a favorite child – it just can’t be done.

“Eleanor Rigby” is a fantastic song no matter how you look at it. The lyrics are outstanding, the music and the vocals are hauntingly beautiful. It’s a song that will stand the test of time, and it has an interesting history.

History behind this ukulele video lesson...

Many of the songs in the band’s catalog are attributed to a writing collaboration of Lennon and McCartney, even though in many cases, one would do more work on certain songs. In this case, McCartney was not only the singer, but he was also the main writer for the song. Like he did with many of his songs, he would choose names from people and places that he was familiar with.

For example, he got the name of Rigby from a store that he knew, and the name Eleanor was chosen due to the actress named Eleanor Bron. He put the two together and liked the way that it sounded. He felt it sounded natural and it really does roll off the tongue.

He knew that he had a good name for a song, but the story didn’t really come to him until he penned the first line of the main song – “Eleanor Rigby picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been.” At that point, the rest of the song started to come to him, and he knew it was going to be about an old woman who was lonely, and who wanted to go back to her younger years. That’s what the line “Wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door” is about, as it is a reference to cream that she puts on her face to look younger.

When he was a child, his father always encouraged Paul and the other children to be kind to elderly people, and that led Paul to going around to some of the elderly in his neighborhood to see if they needed help with anything. He says that there were a number of very lonely elderly people, and that Eleanor Rigby became about those people who would die lonely and alone.

The other Beatles ended up helping to polish and finish some of the lyrics to the song, but most people agree that this is definitely a McCartney song. One of the interesting things about the song is that it is not written in a normal chord, as it uses the dorian mode instead. In addition, The Beatles didn’t actually play the music on the song. They only sang it. Their producer George Martin wanted strings on the song, and he hired four violins, two violas, and two cellos to play the music that Paul wrote.

Does the ukulele play well with this song?

Even though the recording has classical instruments, that doesn’t mean this song won’t sound great on ukulele. It has a fast pace, but the lyrics are definitely a downer. Surprisingly this works well though, and it really translates nicely to the ukulele. Take the song slowly with the ukulele video lesson and learn it bit by bit. Before long, you will have the whole song mastered.

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