Ukulele Video Lesson - Disney's Ducktales

This ukulele video lesson will teach you how to play the Ducktales theme song from Disney, which should be very popular with people who remembers the cartoon as a child and for children who are into the cartoon right now.

The Theme

Mark Mueller wrote the theme to this popular piece of music, which has a very bright and bouncy feel to it. The song is written in the key of F major, contributing to its very upbeat feel.

Pay attention to the rhythm line of the song and you’ll notice that much of it is taken up by simple quarter notes. This provides a very easy, laid-back sort of structure; entirely appropriate for something that children are meant to easily recognize and, of course, be able to sing back after they hear it a few times.

The rhythmic structure of the melody is also very simple, and shouldn’t be difficult for a beginner player to get the hang of. The chord changes in the song are very natural, and after playing a few bars of it, it’s not at all difficult to get the basic gist of how the song is structured.

Note that, in the melody of the song, there is a relatively common theme where the melody ascends up the scale very gradually and then back down over and over again. This makes it very singable, which is a quality that anyone performing the song should try to convey as they learn it.

The ukulele player has something of an advantage with this song, is it has a strong sense of movement, carried along by the bright, regular rhythm. On ukulele, this can translate very well and, of course, the ukulele’s ability to be a very cheerful sounding instrument doesn’t hurt at all when trying to perform this piece.

Ducktales, Woo-ooh! Fun Facts About This Ukulele Video Lesson

The Ducktales cartoon ran from 1987 until 1990. It featured, just as the name would lead you to believe, a cast of Disney cartoon ducks who got in various adventures. Scrooge McDuck, the wealthy – even greedy – uncle to the main characters, Huey, Dewey and Louie, and a variety of other occasional characters made up the main body of the cast.

The cartoon got popular enough to spawn movies and a related cartoon, Darkwing Duck. Ducktales itself, however, concentrated on the adventures of the three young ducks as they go to live with their older uncle, after Donald Duck decides to take off and join the Navy.

Scrooge provided most of the adventures for the three young ducks. Obsessed with his money – the duck literally had enough money to swim around in in his vault – he would take Huey, Dewey and Louie out on adventures, most of which had to do with somehow protecting his wealth or getting even more of it through some crazy scheme or another. This provided plenty of excuses for the young trio to head out all over the globe, have great adventures and, of course, learn important lessons about life in the process.

Ducktales remains a favorite among fans of Disney cartoons. In fact, it’s popular enough that Disney fans have even gone to the trouble to re-create the original credit sequence for the cartoon using real ducks rather than animated ducks. Don’t worry; the real ducks were not required to engage in any of the hair-raising adventures that Huey, Dewey and Louie oftentimes got into, courtesy of their uncle.

Learning this song is a good exercise in learning up-tempo rhythms, how to structure singable, memorable melodies and more. While it may come from a children’s cartoon, there’s plenty of substance to be taken from learning how to play the song on the ukulele.

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