Ukulele Video Lesson - Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is (Chicago)

Watching ukulele video lessons is one of the best and simplest ways to learn how to play everything that you’ve ever wanted on this wonderful little instrument. This includes the song “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is” by one of the biggest hit making bands in the world – Chicago.

A little history about this ukulele video lesson

This song is one of the most popular songs from the band, and you know exactly what song is playing from the first couple of notes. Of course, when you think about this song, you might not immediately think that it would make a good ukulele song, but take a moment to listen to it again. Think about the rhythms and the things that the ukulele could do for the song. You will find that not only will it work, it actually works very well.

“Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is” is from the band’s first album. The song talks about just how important it is to stop and take the time to appreciate life in the moment rather than always worrying about racing to get everything done in the rat race. When you think about the involvement that so many people today have with their cell phones and being on the web all the time, this message still resonates. In fact, it might be even more important today than when it was written in the 1960s.

Singer and keyboard player Robert Lamm wrote the song and performed the lead vocals for it. He says that the idea for the title of the song actually occurred to him when he was a teenager. He was walking past a theater and asked an usher, who was outside, what time it was. The usher’s response was the title of the song.

The song, though written in ’69, didn’t get released as a single until a year later, which was after the second album came out. In 1971, it reached #7 on the charts, which was its highest spot. The song has been covered a number of times.

Just because a song doesn’t immediately spring to mind as a ukulele song doesn’t mean it won’t work, and this is a prime example. When you check out a ukulele video lesson, you will see how it all fits together quite nicely.

Even though this is a short song and it has a number of repeating phrases, it will take you some time to learn. Just as you should do with any of the other ukulele video lessons that you watch, make sure that you take it piece by piece. Once you understand how each of the parts works, you will be able to put it together into a seamless song. You might also want to practice singing along with it while you are playing if you are comfortable doing so.

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