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A ukulele video lesson is an ideal way to learn how to play “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi. The song features Daddy Yankee, as well as the Spanish croonings of Justin Beiber in several key parts on the English remix version. This song debuted in early 2017 and quickly rose in popularity, featuring upbeat Puerto Rican reggaeton-pop beats. 

Here's a little about "Mr. Despacito"..

Born in Puerto Rico in 1978, Luis Alfonso Rodriguez Lopez-Cepero, better known as Luis Fonsi, recorded his first album, “Comenzare”, in 1998 at the age of 20. It went on to chart at #11 on the Top Latin Billboard charts, and while it was not a huge hit in English language markets, it did mark the beginning of a storied career in music for Fonsi. 

Over the years, Fonsi released several more albums, including “Eterno” and “Abrazar la vida”. His popularity grew quickly, and he performed with the likes of Christina Aguilera, as well as headlining at the Great Jubilee Concert for a Debt-Free World. 

In 2014, Fonsi stated that he wanted to release something “swinging” and upbeat. Interestingly, Despacito was originally written as a ballad, but he decided to turn it into something a bit more up tempo, and it worked quite well. He’s quoted as stating that he wanted to “create a fun track that had that Latin feel with a melody that I feel very comfortable singing and that will make people just dance”. 

The entire goal behind the song was to create something that was not just upbeat, but also encouraged people to get out and enjoy themselves. A ukulele video lesson will showcase just how well this translates to the smaller, simpler instrument without losing any of the fun of the original.

The word despacito means “slowly” in Spanish, and the song itself is about a sexual relationship, as can be noted by several of the key lines throughout the song. Some lines are relatively obvious in their meaning, but Fonsi did state that he left some up to the listener’s interpretation. 

The song was recorded in common time, and was co-written by Fonsi’s close friend, Erika Ender, who is a Latin Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter in her own right. Fonsi brought in Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee, and the rest as they say is history. 

The song was an instant hit throughout the Caribbean, but also in almost all of South America, Europe and many other markets. The song was certified as platinum by both Spanish language and European music institutes, as well. It did not take long for it to travel to the US, where it became the most popular Spanish song since the Macarena. It grew in popularity so quickly that it spawned quite a few remixes. Perhaps the most notable, at least in the US and Canada, is the version with Justin Beiber singing accompaniment. 

Is this ukulele video lesson easy or hard?

While “Despacito” definitely has a lot going on during the song, it can be trimmed down quite a bit and still not lose its essence, as you’ll see with a ukulele video lesson. It’s actually not that difficult to play on this small instrument. You’ll discover that if you take your learning slowly, it comes together quite well, leaving you with a song that you can play for dances, or just for that special someone depending on your situation. You’ll probably find yourself playing this song “just for fun”, as well, simply because it’s so enjoyable.

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