Ukulele Video Lesson -
Come and Get Your Love (Redbone)

A ukulele video lesson is a fast and reliable way to learn how to play great songs like “Come and Get Your Love” by the band Redbone. While it can be great to learn some of the new songs that are on the charts, sometimes you need to go old school and look to some of the fantastic music from the past. The 1970s happened to be a great decade for music – you had arena rock like Kansas, soul music, funk, disco, and so much more. One of the songs that was very popular during the 70s was “Come and Get Your Love by Redbone.

Here's a little about the song and band behind this ukulele video lesson

As soon as this song starts, you know it. It’s a feel-good song that is simply infectious. You can probably already hear it in your head right now! If not, it is time to remedy that, especially if you haven’t heard the song in a while. Some of the younger crowd might recognize this as a song that was in Guardians of the Galaxy a couple of years ago, which happened to have one of the most epic and listenable soundtracks of all time.

Redbone chose their name for their Native American heritage. From Coalinga, CA, they started out building an audience on the Sunset Strip and released an album and several songs. The most famous of their songs, released in 1973, was “Come and Get Your Love”. It has that wonderful funk rock sound and rhythm that they were known for, and that’s why it is still so popular decades later. Of course, we do have to acknowledge that James Gunn, writer, director, and mixtape maker for Guardians of the Galaxy did have something to do with the resurgence in popularity.

Now, when you start to play “Come and Get Your Love” after learning it through a ukulele video lesson, you can be sure that just about everyone in your audience has heard it before. You can also be sure they will probably want to sing along and maybe even dance. This song truly is that infectious!

There have been several covers of the song, including one from Real McCoy back in 1995. While that version of the song is enjoyable in its own way, it does not have the same impact as the Redbone version, which simply begs everyone to sing along with it. While it might seem like a simple enough song, the way it was put together, the lyrics, the music and beat… everything came together to make one of those songs that just won’t leave your head. Fortunately, the song is good enough that you won’t want it to leave.

Even though there is a lot going on in the original Redbone version of the song, you will find that it pares down quite nicely to just a single ukulele. When you watch the ukulele video lesson, you will see that it is not quite as difficult as you might imagine. Just like all of the other songs that you want to learn, take it one step – and once piece – at a time. You can learn the parts and then put it all together.

When you have this song under your belt, you will find it is one that you want to pull out and play quite often, just because it is so fun. You will also find that your friends, family, and everyone else you play for will want to hear the song, as well. Definitely add this one to your list.

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