Ukulele Video Lesson - Cheap Thrills (Sia)

Ukulele video lessons will help you learn to play “Cheap Thrills” by Sia faster than you might imagine. This is a very popular song from Sia, and as soon as you hear it, you can already start to feel that sunny, island beat that you just know is going to sound great on the ukulele. If you haven’t heard “Cheap Thrills” by Sia, or the remix featuring featuring Sean Paul before, do yourself a favor and listen to them now. From the opening notes to the end of the song, it has a vibe that’s sunnier than much of what Sia does. It makes it a very good fit for the uke.

This song marked the first time that Sia entered the Hot 100 chart as an artist. However, she had been on the list before as a writer. She wrote “Diamonds” for Rhianna. Some of the other hits from the artist include “Big Girls Cry” and “Chandelier”. This one works very well for the ukulele. When this song released, Sia was over 40 years old, and this was the first time that a woman over 40 had entered the Hot 100 since Madonna did it in 2000 with the song “Music.”

One of the interesting things about “Cheap Thrills is that it wasn’t originally going to be a song for Sia. Instead, like so many of the other songs on her album This is Acting, it was originally written for someone else. She and Greg Kurstin wrote the song for Rihanna. However, Rihanna didn’t want it, and Sia was actually growing attached to it. Even though it wasn’t the type of music she normally created for herself, she admits it was catchy.

She said that it would put her in a good mood, and she would even pretend that it wasn’t her singing and listen to it while she was in the car. Fortunately, she decided to release a studio version of the song, and it continues to perform very well for her.

The rhythm in this ukulele video lesson is easy to play!

The overall rhythm and style of “Cheap Thrills” really lends itself quite well to the ukulele. It already has a summery feel to it, and you can imagine listening to this song while sitting on the beach and enjoying the weather. Now, take a moment to imagine just how great this song would be if it were on ukulele and if you were the one who was playing it!

If you love to play, or if you are just learning to play, this is certainly a song that you want to add to your list. When you make use of a ukulele video lesson, you will find that it’s even easier to learn.

All you need to do is start watching ukulele video lessons for the song. You will then be able to learn at your own pace. Go through just one part of the song at a time until you have each of the parts nailed. Once you know them, put them together and then add the vocals. It’s really as easy as that. The ukulele video lessons for “Cheap Thrills” will have you playing the tune in no time.

Keep in mind that there are two versions of the song, although they are very similar. The version by Sia and the remix with Sia and Sean Paul. Once you know how to play one version, you won’t have any trouble with the other. If you have someone to accompany you, then they might be able to take over the Sean Paul part while you play the uke and sing Sia’s part.

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