Ukulele Video Lesson 
Chained To The Rhythm
(Katy Perry)

You can use a ukulele video lesson to learn how to play many different types of songs, including those by some of the most popular pop artists of the day, including Katy Perry. If you love Perry’s music and you want to learn how to play “Chained to the Rhythm”, you will be happy to know that it sounds good on the ukulele.

Whether you like to play covers in your room, or you record covers to put up on YouTube, or you play for an audience, this is a good choice. It is a lovely pop song that has a tropical disco feel to it. You will find that it really does sound good on the ukulele. This song was created and written by Perry and Max Martin, with whom she often collaborates. Ali Payami and Sia also helped to write the song.

What is this ukulele video lesson about?

While it is a poppy song on the outside, when you start to examine the lyrics, you will see that this song has a bit of a deeper meaning. It talks about living in a society that needs to learn how to stop living within a bubble. It is a rallying cry to get people to become more involved with what’s happening in the world and to make changes rather than merely going with the flow. The feeling is that too many people are chained to the rhythm of conformity.  The message of the song is that making a change could be a very good thing. This carries over to the video, as well, which takes place in a theme park dubbed Oblivia and ties in nicely with the theme.

If you have not heard the song before, listen to it now. Even if you have heard it before, listen again with the ukulele video lesson in mind. When you listen to the song, you can hear the reggae influences that it has, and the island feel helps to make it a good option for the ukulele.

Perry performed this song live for the first time at the 2017 Grammy Awards, where Skip Marley, who features in the song, joined her on the stage. Having Marley on the song certainly helps to give it an island vibe. Interestingly, this was the first song by a member of the Marley brood that reached the Top 10 of the Hot 100. Even Bob Marley never had a Top 40 hit, no matter how hard that might be to believe.

If you would like to learn how to play “Chained to the Rhythm”, you will be happier to know that it is easier than you might think. What you need to do is stop and break things down into smaller sections and then learn the pieces one at a time. Know the chords and notes, and make sure you get the strumming pattern down. Go slow, and make sure that you utilize a ukulele video lesson to help you with your learning. This will make the process of learning the song much easier and faster.

This is a good song with a meaning behind it. Because it also happens to be such a popular song, you should not have any trouble when it comes to getting others to help you sing it when you play. Just go slow and learn the sections piecemeal and you will have it under your belt before you know it. It’s a great song that you will certainly want to have in your repertoire.

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