Ukulele Video Lesson - Break My Stride (Matthew Wilder)

A ukulele video lesson will be teaching you to play “Break My Stride” by Matthew Wilder, and it is sure to be a favorite no matter where you play it – in the backyard, at the beach, or even on the stage. Unless you know quite a bit about music history, you might think that you’ve never heard of this song. The title and the artist might not be familiar to you. Maybe you aren’t even sure if it would translate well to a ukulele since you aren’t even sure what the song sounds like.

A nice 80's touch to this ukulele video lesson

It is time that you fixed that and went and listened to the song. As soon as it starts, you probably recognize it. You can hear the 80s sound immediately, and you can probably understand just how great this will sound on the ukulele. It is one of those songs from the 80s that perfectly encompasses the sound of the era. However, you can certainly hear quite a bit of reggae influence in the song, as well. Again, this really helps to get that ukulele vibe.

Now that you’ve heard it, you might be wondering where you’ve heard it before. Even though there was never a music video made for the song, despite the popularity of MTV and its 80s release, it was a popular song to use for movies, television shows, and commercials. Some of the places you might have heard the song include “Not Another Teen Movie”, “He’s Just Not that Into You”, and “Cedar Rapids”. Plenty of commercials have used the song, as well. Now, you can learn it with a ukulele video lesson.

Another place you might have heard the song, or at least parts of the song, was in a song called “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” from Puff Daddy in 1997. The song used the chorus from “Break My Stride”. This was one of the first songs to use samples in this way with such great effect. It helped to propel the popularity of Puff Daddy’s song, and it likely introduced an entire new generation of fans to Matthew Wilder’s hit from well over a decade earlier.

Matthew Wilder, despite this great song, never really had much of a solo career, unfortunately. However, he was still heavily involved in the music industry and continued writing songs, as well as producing. He wrote a song for Christina Aguilera called “Reflection.” He also produced the album Tragic Kingdom for No Doubt. This was one of the most popular albums of the 90s, and it is considered by most to be a classic.

The song has a great rhythm that flows, and it also happens to have fun and catchy lyrics, especially the chorus. Everything about the song works quite well for the ukulele, and it works wonderfully for the uke as a solo instrument. It is a fast and upbeat song, and it could be the perfect song for you to add to your list of uke songs. You will find that it’s easy to sing along to, and many people will know the chorus, so they might even join in with you.

The song is not as difficult to learn as you might think. It might sound fast and up tempo, but everything flows together quite nicely. Make sure that you use a ukulele video lesson to help you with the song. As always with these video lessons, you can learn the bits piece by piece and then put them all together. You will love the playing “Break My Stride” once you master all the elements.

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