Ukulele Video Lesson - Because

This ukulele video lesson covers the song Because by the Dave Clark Five. This 1964 single is one of the band’s best-known hits, and diverges quite a bit from the types of songs that they were known for before they released it. Soft, melodic and having complex vocal harmonies, the song has been covered and adapted by other artists since it was released.

Ukulele Video Lesson Chord Structure

Because has a relatively simple song format, but it does have a lot of chord changes. The instruments are very rhythmic, but the verses are interspersed by ringing chords. The chord changes in the song mostly support the very complex melody laid over the top of the instruments.

The song does have a somewhat lazy, easy-going feel to it, but the underlying quick strumming on the guitar gives it a sense of moving forward.

The song makes use of several variations on the G chord, the D chord and C chord. Am and Em are also used frequently, so the performer will want to experiment with getting the right sound out of these various chords.

There is an organ solo in this song, which can be substituted out for a solo on a different instrument or, if you’re trying to perform true to form, the ukulele can accompany an organ or similar instrument quite well.

Because is one of the better examples of the ballots that were popular in the 1960s. It is definitely a radio friendly song and falls comfortably into the pop genre. When playing the song, the feel should be light and, to some degree, even straying into somewhat syrupy territory would not be inappropriate.

A little about "Because"

One of the remarkable things about Because it is the fact that The Dave Clark Five was not particularly well known for making gentle pop ballads before they release the song. Their songs tend to be happier sounding in general, while Because has a sincere, almost sorrowful quality to it. While the lyrics remain generally light, the melody and the song is really quite lush and, backed up by the steady rhythm underneath the melody, it got people’s attention.

The song was released as a single with “Theme Without a Name” on the D side of the album. It was well received and managed to become one of the bands hit songs.

The song has been compared to the Beatles – at least to their early material – and Julian Lennon, in 1985, ended up recording a version of the song and getting on the UK Singles Chart.

Not only has this particular song been compared to some of the early works by the Beatles, but the Dave Clark Five had actually managed to take position from the Beatles on the music charts by the time this song was released. While the Beatles would obviously become a much more well known and historically significant band, there was a time when the Dave Clark Five nearly rivaled them in popularity.

The Dave Clark Five would last until 1970, when their popularity was running out and the band decided to break up. Over the years they were active, however, the Dave Clark Five retained quite a bit more control over their music and managed to get much better deals on royalties than did many of the artists who were working in the industry at the same time as them.

In the US, Because peaked out at number three on the US Billboard Top 100. It remains a favorite of fans of music of the era, though it might not be so well known as some of the other hits of the 1960s.

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