Ukulele Video Lessons - Baby I Love Your Way (Peter Frampton)

Ukulele video lessons can help you to learn one of the most famous and iconic love songs in history, and you may find that using these video lessons helps you learn faster than any other method. Do you want to impress family and friends with a song that they know and want to sing along with from the moment you hit the first couple of chords? If so, then you need to learn “Baby I Love Your Way” by Peter Frampton.

If you haven’t heard the song in a while, go back and listen to it. You can listen to the album version of the live version. Now, imagine how it would sound with ukulele. The rhythm is already just about perfect for the ukulele, and it might surprise you just how easily and beautifully it translates to the uke.

Ukulele Video Lesson History

Do you want to know something very interesting about this song? When it was first released as a single in 1975 it didn’t do anything in the charts. People didn’t pay attention to what would eventually become one of the most well-known love songs in the world. It wasn’t until Peter Frampton released his live album called Frampton Comes Alive a year later that people found the song and really started to enjoy it.

When it comes to the message and the meaning of the song, there’s not really anything hidden in the lyrics. It is pretty straightforward. This is a song where Frampton is telling a girl that he loved absolutely everything about her, and that he literally wants to be with her day and night.

Great songs do not always have to have deep lyrics to be “good”. Sometimes the best songs are just simple love songs, and “Baby I Love Your Way” fits that bill perfectly. It’s a beautiful song that is actually very fun to play. It’s surprisingly easy to sing along with while you are playing too. Again, you can thank the rhythm for that. Of course, you will probably find that anyone you play it for will start to sing along as well, especially once it hits the unforgettable chorus.

Over the years, a number of bands have covered this tune by Frampton. In 1994, the band Big Mountain covered the song and actually went all the way up to #6 on the charts in the US. Their version was also on the Reality Bites soundtrack. Listen to this version as well, which has a reggae vibe to it, and it will become even clearer why the uke is a good choice.

If you feel hesitant about trying to play the song, rest easy. When you use ukulele video lessons to learn how to play “Baby I Love Your Way”, you will get how to play the song quickly. Take it slow though and learn it in sections so you can perfect each piece and then bring it all together.

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