Ukulele Video Lesson - Attention (Charlie Puth)

Ukulele video lessons are always a fantastic way to learn how to play new songs that you think might be a good fit for the ukulele. It is also a nice way to learn to play some songs that you never even thought would work with the uke. You might be surprised just how great many different types of songs work well with this instrument. One of the recent songs that you might want to add to your list of songs to learn is “Attention" by Charlie Puth, one of the rising stars of the music world.

Check out this ukulele video lesson, to see what all the "Attention" is about! 

Many songwriters put a lot of their personal beliefs into the songs they sing, and that may just be the case with “Attention”. The basic idea of the song is that it is about a former girlfriend who does not want him to move on with life and new love. The singer does not want to get back together with her, and the lyrics of the song show that he knows exactly what she is doing. She is looking for attention, and she doesn’t truly want a permanent relationship with him.

It’s a bit of a downer when it comes to the meaning of the song, but that certainly doesn’t mean it won’t work for ukulele. When you check out a ukulele video lesson for the song, you will see how the instrument can actually play quite well into these types of lyrics, and that could open up a whole world of different types of songs for you to play. Not everything has to be about islands in the sun!

Charlie Puth is the producer of the track, which he cowrote with Jacob Kasher. Kasher is also behind other popular songs including “Good Girls Go Bad” from Cobra Starship and “Sugar” from Maroon 5.

Puth told Billboard that the origin of the song was not actually an example from his own life. Instead, he was checking out someone’s Instagram. It was a man who was talking about a girl and who was trying to tell a girl that he was moving on. However, Puth felt that the girl had taken advantage of the man’s good nature and that she had just wanted attention. He then said that he started singing, and that was the genesis for the song.

If you have not yet heard this song, you should go and listen to it a few times to get an understanding of the song and its elements. After a few listens, you should start to get an idea of how it might sound on ukulele. Even though the lyrics might not be as happy as some other songs you play, it should be readily apparent that this is a very good song, and it is something that many people can relate to. In addition, it has the potential to sound fantastic on the ukulele, and it can be fun to play.

Of course, the song might take you a little time to get down, so you will want to use a ukulele video lesson for “Attention”. The lesson allows you to break the song down easily into different parts and then to keep watching each part until you have it mastered. Once you understand one of the parts, you can move on to the others. Before long, you will have the song completed, and you can add it to your repertoire. Given the popularity of Puth and this song that will feature on his upcoming album, it is sure to prove popular whenever you play it.

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