Ukulele Video Lesson -
24k Magic (Bruno Mars)

This ukulele video lesson is off of Bruno Mars latest album, 24K Magic. It's a pretty easy song to play, with 3 chords. The strumming may be a little hard, due to the fast rhythm. But if you practice it enough, you'll get it in no time!

Bruno Mars or Little Elvis?

Bruno Mars, a young singer-song writer, was born Peter Gene Hernandez, in Hawaii. His father’s heritage is half Ashkenazi Jewish and Puerto Rican, and his mom's heritage being from the Philippines. Both parents have performing backgrounds with his dad being a percussion player and his mom a previous hula dancer. It was at 2, when Bruno received his nickname "Bruno", after resembling Bruno Sammartino, a professional wrestler. 

With 5 siblings, Bruno was brought up on music which allowed him to access lots of different genres. His inspiration includes his uncle who impersonated other famous singers, including Michael Jackson. He often allowed Bruno to join him on stage to perform. At only 4, he was performing every weekday, and was known for his great impersonation of Elvis Presley. He was even featured in Hawaii's MidWeek, being nicknamed "Little Elvis", because of his likeness. He even made an appearance in the 1992 movie, Honeymoon in Vegas.  

The Elvis impersonations made a big impact on how Bruno evolved and performed. He went on to learn how to play the guitar. He recalls all of his family members playing at least one instrument and singing. At school, he joined a group and performed. After graduating, he moved to California to take his career even further. The stage name of course, came from his childhood nickname, and Mars came from the amount of girls who referred to him as being ‘out of this world’. 

After a short stint as a failed DJ, Bruno was signed in 2004 by Motown records. This deal unfortunately didn’t take off and he was dropped just a year later. He went on to have a publishing deal and was taught the ropes of writing music.  Aftermath Entertainment got hold of his demo tape and then flew him out where he performed a few cover songs. They initially received a lot of rejection. But then, he received a phone call from Brandon Creed, wanting to buy the song, "Lost", for $20,000. This gave them the money they needed to continue and Mars was later introduced to Atlantic Records. Just a couple of songs were played and he was signed. It took 3 years for the final signing, due to them wanting him to develop his skills. He wrote numerous songs, for famous artists, such as, Sean Kingston, Flow Rider, and Alexandra Burke. 

His latest album, 24k Magic, has been created with a 90’s spirit, and sets every emotion from elation to heartbreak. It wasn’t until October 2016 that the main single was released. 

About this ukulele video lesson...

The chords played in this song is E#m, A#m, and C#. Majority of it is E#m and A#m. The strumming is down, up, down, up, (short pause), down, up, down, up. If you have trouble with it, you can slow the video down in the settings. Have fun!

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