Ukulele Tablatures

Ukulele tablatures are like sheet music because they give you a visual of where to place your fingers to strum. You can use your fingers to strum the ukulele or you can use a pick. If you are playing for a long time and your fingers are new to the uke, you may want to try the pick, since your fingers can begin to get sore.

How To Read Ukulele Tabs

What Ukulele Tablatures Look Like

When you open up the tablature, you will see four lines signifying each string on your ukulele. The lines are placed they same as the tuned strings on your uke, A'E'C'G.

Many times, the tablature will have a description of how you should play each string. For example, it may say that you need to play it ¾ times. This means that each measure should be played for three beats. This will help you know when to move on to the next chord.

For each chord on the tablature, you will see a number. The number corresponds to where you need to place your finger to strum. For example, your index finger is the number '1' and should be placed on the first string. The middle finger is number '2' and belongs on the next string. The ring finger is number '3' and plays the third string. Finally, the pinky is number '4' and is on the final string.

When you look at the tablature, you will see numbers that you are to follow. If it starts with the number '3' you know that this is what you strum first and then follow the numbers from there. The next thing you will need to understand is what the 'o' and 'x' mean on the tablature.

Other Notations on the Tablature

Some ukulele tablatures will have 'o' throughout the song. The 'o' signifies an open string. This means that you are supposed to strum that string on the ukulele. Many tablatures will have this. It helps you understand what should and should not be played.

The 'x' is rare on tablatures, but can still show up. The 'x' usually means that you do not play the string. Many times the string is just not present instead of having the 'x' notation.

Ukulele tabs provide you with a simple diagram to use to play ukulele music. You will find that once you get the hang of the it you will be able to follow them quickly and without hesitation.

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