Ukulele Songs

Ukulele songs are like any others in that you play chords that are on a musical scale. However, finding sheet music for a specific song you want to play may not be easy. You need to locate music specifically written for the ukulele, using ukulele chord charts. The Internet is a great resource for finding old ukulele music books. Also, don't forget to check out your local music stores too. They sometimes carry ukulele instruments and music sheets.

Jumping Jim Beloff and The Flea Market

Jumping Jim Beloff is famous for his uke songs and Flea/Fluke ukuleles. Although many people might think that the term "flea market" has something to do with the how the word "ukulele" means "jumping flea," it is actually a reference to how Jim Beloff got his start. He found a ukulele at a flea market, took a liking to it, and started publishing music for the ukulele. He has many songbooks available for the ukulele aficionado, and is a great resource when looking for songs for the ukulele.

Other Ways To Get Ukulele Songs

You can find sheet music online through specialty websites, or you can try to find it through other online stores that don't specialize in the ukulele, like You will probably get a better selection of material from a seller that specializes in the ukulele and is devoted to providing the best ukelele songbooks available for different levels of music students.

Once you learn the chords, you can use other sheet music, like guitar music, to play a song on the ukulele. This will require that you don't read the music as much as just the chords. Then, you can play just about any song you want, once you know the chords. However, this is not for the beginner.

When first learning how to play the ukulele, it is always better to start with the music sheets specifically designed for the ukulele, utilizing ukulele chord charts. These are visually easy to interpret and use, and can give you a more enjoyable experience with the ukulele. They can also bring you up quickly up to speed and help you start strumming a song very quickly. Later, once you understand the chords well enough, you can branch out into other music sheets for songs that you want to try.

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