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Maybe you've made a New Year's resolution to learn a new instrument. Or, maybe you just heard some Hawaiian music and fell in love with the sound of the ukulele. Whatever the reason you've decided to embark on this voyage of musical exploration, one thing is sure: you will need the right resources to make your journey a success. What resources you will need depends on your familiarity with music and your financial resources.

Buying The Instrument

Obviously, the most important resource you will need is the actual ukulele. There are four different types of ukuleles to choose from: soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone. These get more expensive the bigger the instrument and the fuller the tone.

Most beginners start with a soprano ukulele. It is the smallest and most manageable and also the least expensive. If you decide you want to carry it around to various places, you can even buy a ukulele case to protect it from being damaged. Sometimes choosing to use a ukulele strap can be handy when playing too. You will have to replace your strings on the ukulele from time to time, and when you use the best ukulele strings, it will make your ukulele sound crisp and clear. Some good brand's include Aquila Strings, Ko'olau Gold Strings, Martin Strings,

and GHS Strings

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Other Ukulele Resources

Other types of resources are the sheet music, which is specifically designed for ukuleles. It contains chord charts that make learning the ukulele fairly easy without instruction. You just learn to read the chords and you can start there, if you are musically inclined.

If you have no experience with music, then you will still need to have lessons on how to tune the ukulele and to help you understand chords. You can get ukulele video lessons here, if you want instruction but don't have anyone local to go to. I'd also recommend joining numerous ukulele forums like Ukulele Boogaloo to network with other ukulele enthusiasts. If any question arises about the ukulele, I'm guaranteed that someone will have the answer for you.

You will want to acquaint yourself with any local music clubs for ukulele players. If you live on the West Coast, you may have better luck finding these than on the East Coast. You can try to find a music conservatory that teaches various instruments, if you can't find a local club. You can even find help in making a ukulele, if you're so inclined.

Local ukulele resources can also be found through the Internet by inputting "ukulele" and your city's name to a search engine. This may be the quickest way to identify which music stores, conservatories, or teachers reside in your local area. If you're lucky, you might find a local ukulele festival that your city or state maybe hosting and may find a ukulele shirt that you really like.

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