Ukulele Lessons: Where To Start

Do you really need ukulele lessons?

Whatever inspired you to take up the ukulele, whether it was Hawaiian music, Jumping Jim Beloff, or a friend, you may be wondering whether you need to take uke lessons to learn to play it. The ukulele is a very simple instrument to learn on your own, although many people agree it can be difficult to master.

Even if you have no musical background and can't read a single note of sheet music, you can learn to read ukulele chord sheets without a musical background. If you do have some musical talent, learning the ukulele too is a snap.

A Perfect Instrument for the Novice Music Player

Chord charts for the ukulele are set up to be fairly easy to interpret. You don't have to know the associated musical note to follow along on the chord charts. But you will have to have some idea of how to tune the ukulele so that when you strum the chord, you know whether it is in tune or not. If you don't have that ability, you can get someone at a music shop to tune the instrument for you.

Also, you will want to get special music sheets for the ukulele to find easier songs that you can start to play right off the bat, using only these special chord charts that are created specifically for the ukulele.

Getting Ukulele Lessons

If, after trying the instrument on your own, you find that you just love it, then you might want to think about getting some formal lessons. If you have no musical background, this will definitely help you widen your skill set. It will also put you in touch with someone who can direct you to community resources for ukulele players.

If you think one person playing a ukulele is fun, wait until you start playing along with other ukulele players. This type of community group can inspire you and deepen your overview of the ukulele's history. You will also be exposed to people who may have different types of ukuleles, and be able to hear what they sound like and what they are doing with them. This can inspire you to continue with your ukulele lessons and improving your craft.

You can check with local conservatories of music to find people who might be able to teach you the ukulele. If you live out on the West coast, you will probably be able to find a ukulele teacher much more easily than on the East coast of the United States. If you live outside the country, you will want to check online for ukulele groups that meet in your area to locate teachers.

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