Choosing a Ukulele Kit
That's Easy and Fun to Assemble

Are you deciding on getting a ukulele kit? There are so many different styles and options to choose from, that you can get too excited to notice some of the basics that might make your learning experience a bit easier and more enjoyable. While the ukulele may seem like a very simple instrument, it does require some skill to create a decent-playing instrument. Here are some things to consider when choosing a kit . . .

Wood Frame

The sound coming from the ukulele will be more authentic if you pick a kit with koa wood pieces. You will want to get some pre-bent sides to help you assemble it without breaking or ruining the first time you try to create one. If, after you assemble one with pre-bent pieces (and feel more adventuresome later), there are kits available where you can do your own bending. However, to get a good feel for how all the pieces are put together correctly, go for one with pre-bent sides. The fret board may be made out of mahogany for added strength, or some other wood.

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This kit comes with the body and neck pre-assembled/formed. There are things that must be done prior to gluing it all together, such as sanding the wood. Dowels may be added for re-enforcement. Upgrading the strings and tuners is recommended, but optional. All in all, this is a easy kit, compared to building one from scratch that would require all sorts of wood tools and machinery.

Not all kits come with all the tools you'll need for assembly. If you have some experience, this is not a problem since you can use some household tools. However, if you do not know where to even begin try to look for kits that come with tools that can make your job easier. Other items that might seem obvious to include that some kits don’t are: strings, tuner, fret wire, glue, and lacquer.

Get Creative

One of the fun things about assembling your own ukulele is that you get to choose the finish. You can put a simple coat of lacquer (be sure to follow the directions precisely) or you can include some design elements of color and graphics to customize the ukulele kit to your tastes. This is the type of project that is not only fun, but perfect for the artist as well as musician in you.

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