Getting Started with
Ukulele Instruction

Getting started with ukulele instruction is easier than you may think. The Ukulele is one of the simplest instruments to play. All you need to do is learn the basics and then go on from there.

What You Need to Begin Prior To Ukulele Instruction

There a few things you need to know about the basics of the Ukulele before you can learn to play like a pro. Do not forget to tune your ukulele so that you can get the best sound possible while playing. Some people who start out without tuning think they are not playing the right strings but in actuality, it is because the tuning is off.

The next thing you need is some beginner's music. You will find there are many options of music in a music store and on the internet. You can start with any music for the Ukulele, but to start with make sure it is simple. Go to my video lesson page to learn chord shapes, strumming, and songs.

How to Play the Ukulele

When you first start instruction, you should start slowly. Take a lesson and practice it as long as you need to until it sounds perfect. It is best not to move on to the next lesson until you mastered the first so that you do not have to go backwards when you need to revisit those first lesson skills. Additionally, each lesson is based on the one before it, so it will be difficult to master the next level if you have not mastered the earlier one.

Lessons will teach you about chords on the uke. This will help you get comfortable with both the instrument and the sheet music. Once you've memorized the chords and where your fingers belong, you will be on your way to becoming a ukulelist.

The next thing you will learn is how to move between chords easily and uninterrupted. That will make your music flow while you play. These two basic skills is the launch pad into becoming a skill ukulelist.

All other lessons are specific to common chords on sheet music. You can learn how to play by yourself or with others. You can receive uke instruction through visual aids or through one-to-one teaching. What works for you depends on how you learn the best.

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